13 Aug 2013

On The Pull 14/08/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: The big one this week is, unquestionably, Infinity, and whereas I usually go into this event series with a certain amount of trepidation for this one I'm quietly confident that it'll be reasonably successful, creatively speaking. Writer Jonathan Hickman's been building towards this for a while through the pages of Avengers and New Avengers, two titles that have remained both thrilling and compelling since they debuted, and he's bringing along some grade A artistic talent to assist him (including Opena and Weaver) - in other words, everything is pointing towards this being a cut above the usual crossover event, and with Hickman at the helm there's a good chance it'll be more cerebral than we're used to from this kind of thing. I know little about it beyond the fact that Thanos is front and centre so hopefully they'll be a few surprises in store. Hickman's also in charge of one of Image's current premier titles, East Of West, a book that has epic written all over it, and it's one that you feel like you have to reread at least once an issue to capture every nuance; it's always welcome sight when it appears on the shelves as it does this Wednesday. Also from Image this week, the welcome return of Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples' hit series Saga. Okay, so it's only been away a couple of months, but this space opera is so addictive you really notice it when it's gone.

Stewart R: My, my, my! So many delectable reading experiences lay ahead for us all this Wednesday and in the near beyond! Top of what is looking to be an incredibly high quality list has to be Infinity #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung. Following a good half decade of floundering and underwhelming summer events, with Marvel's prime writing talent at the helm failing to live up to the expectation placed upon them each time, it finally looks like we have the right man to captain the ship so to speak. Hickman has proven himself to be the big ideas man at the publisher with a penchant for epic, intricate storylines that resonate with emotion and deliver grand payoffs crucially at the end of arcs - something that Marvel events have critically failed to do time after time. I've high hopes that this will be a shining example of how big plots should be handled and I just know it's going to look amazing already. It's a welcome return for Saga this week following the Vaughan and Staples creative hiatus to allow the talented artist a little head start for this latest arc. Vaughan had managed to get some of his plot threads overlapping with great tension and menace at the end of the last issue and I'm buzzing at the thought of seeing where he takes us next. Staying at Image, there is a new chapter of Hickman and Dragotta's East Of West hitting the stands and I can't quite believe just how darn consistent this sci-fi western series has been to date. Things have been so unpredictable thus far that I daren't even guess where things may head now. I'll wind things up by mentioning a few new titles popping up on the old pull-list, the first being a welcome return at Dark Horse for Resident Alien! The first arc was an unexpected delight and thanks to some decent reviews and reasonable figures I can read more adventures of the alien masquerading as a physician in a sleepy American town. I still can't understand why Dark Horse and the creators are kicking off with another #0 issue again - I missed the rather important prelude issue for the first series and had to go back for it - but I'll happily dive into that fictional world again. Finally, there's sure to be some childish delight with KaBOOM!'s Hero Bear And The Kid #1 while Titan publishing dip their toes into pulpy, retro fun with It Came #1 which I've fingers crossed for in hope that it's B-movietastic!

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