10 Sept 2013

On The Pull 11/09/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: Nothing is screaming out from my pull-list this week, begging to be highlighted, which is not to say there's nothing good in there (I'd be a fool if there wasn't) but this isn't one of those weeks where one title rises above the rest and demands immediate attention. I guess I'll go with Avengers #19 because, well, I've been enjoying the hell out of this Infinity event so far. Jonathan Hickman seems to know what he's doing and I do so hope that the remains the case! One book I won't let elude me is FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #3. The debut issue bore the title Collider, and although I noted the name change somehow it slipped my mind when the second instalment came out, so I'll need to pick that up to before I get to the latest chapter. And I'll probably have to read the debut again to remind myself what the heck is going on! Another comic that I need to read from the beginning to keep the details fresh is True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. I decided early on that I'll see the mini through to completition but as I get the feeling it'd work better in one sitting they're all going to stay on my pile until the series is done. I'll be taking a handful of other books home on Wednesday but my final mention is for the once mighty Prophet. It's felt fairly esoteric from the start - indeed, that it didn't follow a predictable, easily-digestible formula was one of its positive points - but it's got to the point now where things have dragged on almost interminably and I no longer have any idea what's going on. In fact, I managed to read the last two issues in the wrong order but didn't even notice until after the event! If there's a conclusion due soon I'll probably stick around, but if there's no end in sight I may have to let it go, which is a shame considering the level it was at a year ago.

Stewart R: This seems to be a week when my pull-list covers the full publisher spectrum (except, once again and rather unfortunately for DC, though Vertigo joins the party thankfully). Dark Horse come storming out of the gates with a couple of new series - of sorts. Brain Boy #1 rejuvenates a character first seen in the 1960s who from the sounds of it comes across as a James Bond meets Quentin Quire type and who is now being tackled by the highly talented creative duo of Fred Van Lente and R.B. Silva. The mashup of political intrigue, action and psychic fun sounds great and R.B. Silva's work on the New 52 Superboy title really impressed me so I'm looking forward to seeing what he brings to the table with Brain Boy. The other Dark Horse title of note is the first issue (well, there was the #0 out a few weeks back which certainly read as an important chapter) of the second series of Resident Alien, subtitled Suicide Blonde. I really enjoyed the first series from Peter Hogan which worked the noir detective tale well against the small town politics and fish-out-of-water doctor drama and hopefully this second series will continue in similar vein. Over at Titan I'm really looking forward to the second issue of It Came from Dan Boultwood. The blurb on the Titan website states that 'fans of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 will love this hilarious B-Move romp' and I can't agree with that more as the debut was laughter-inducing and art work delightful! And while we're doing the rounds on second efforts I'll be picking up Sidekick #2 from Image and Hero Bear & The Kid #2 from BOOM! Studios KaBOOM! imprint, though I will admit that with both of these titles I'm not 100% convinced that I'll be sticking with them through the entirety of their runs. One title hitting it's third instalment and seeming like a lock on my ongoing pull-list is Vertigo's FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics (previously known as Collider for it's debut and then rebranded). The high-science ideas coupled with detective work and underhand plots has been handled very well indeed so far by Simon Oliver and Robbie Rodriguez and I'm expecting this to be another great read this Wednesday.

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