15 Oct 2013

On The Pull 16/10/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: The big one this week? That'll be Letter 44 #1 from Oni Press. Newly elected president takes office to learn that alien life has been discovered, constructing something in the solar system, and a team of astronauts were sent off to investigate several years ago? Sounds like a tasty high concept, but we all know that high concepts don't always transform into great reads, so you'd think I'd have some trepidation here, but there's been a significant amount of buzz around this book, people who've had advance copies have been raving about it, and Bleeding Cool having even gone as far as to say it may well be the new Saga. Need more convincing? It's only a dollar! So, it may not be for everyone, and it may possibly not live up to the hype, but is anyone in their right mind going to skip it at that price on the off chance that it may not deliver the goods? I hope not! Elsewhere, amongst other things, we get the long-awaited (well, a couple of months at least!) return of Hawkeye, the sophomore issue of Brain Boy, a double helping of Infinity in the form of Avengers #21 AND New Avengers #11 and another instalment of the excellent 'pre-apocalyptic' Sheltered. But remember (if you didn't already know) to pick up Letter 44. If it sucks, forget I said anything. If it's awesome, you'll know who to thank. Okay, you'll probably want to thank creators Charles Soule and Alberto Jimenez Albuquerque first, but don't forget about me too! Got that??

James R: It is most definitely a sign of the times that when I take a look at the new releases and my eye falls not on the Big Two's books but rather the latest releases from Image and the other independent publishers. Once again they're bringing out the books I'm genuinely excited by this week. First and foremost is the second issue of Zero. Ales Kot's espionage tale was superb (and earning a rare 10 from me when reviewed) and I can't wait to see the next chapter in the life of Edward Zero. I'm also intrigued by the debut issue of Letter 44. This new series from Swamp Thing scribe Charles Soule and artist Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque sees a newly-elected US President discover a letter from his predecessor. The letter isn't a note of congratulations, but of a dark secret - four years ago, a team of Astronauts were sent to intercept a mysterious asteroid, and will only be reaching their target now... A mix of political intrigue and sci-fi? Count me in! I'm also really looking forward to the next chapter of Brain Boy from Dark Horse. The brilliant Fred Van Lente served up a debut issue almost as strong as Zero last month, and knowing his deranged imagination, I'm confident that the next issue of Matt Price's psychic capers will be as strong as the first. Beyond those three, I'll definitely be picking up Brother Lono #5. I was sceptical about the return of Lono following the end of 100 Bullets but I should've known better than to doubt the brilliance of Eduardo Risso and Brian Azzarello, who have been back to their best here. Over at Marvel there's... could it be...? Surely not? Yes - Judas Priest, yes! - a new issue of Hawkeye! The firm favourite of the PCG has been away from the racks for too long, and it almost goes without saying that I'll be picking up the latest issue of Matt Fraction and David Aja's modern classic. Good things come to those who wait, and all that jazz! I'll also be picking up the one-two punch that is Jonathan Hickman on Avengers and New Avengers as the Infinity arc moves towards an endgame, and given the overall quality of Hickman's story thus far, I'm hoping he avoids the perils of many an event book, and delivers a fitting finale rather than a damp squib. Finally, my DC books have a distinct air of sadness about them. I'm picking up my final issue of Batwoman. With the departure of the genius that is J. H. Williams following some frankly ridiculous meddling from DC editorial, I'll take this opportunity to stop reading the title. Only a return for Greg Rucka would persuade me to continue... and I can't see that happening! That leaves Jeff Lemire's Animal Man as my sole ongoing DC pull title, and that comes with the added boost of American Vampire's Rafael Alberqueque taking on the art duties from Steve Pugh. All in all, a healthy week for new releases, and the standard punch to the wallet. I wouldn't have it any other way! Happy reading everyone!

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