16 Oct 2013

The New Mutants Project - Completed (For Now!)

Matt C: Turns out it's been 11 months since I started this particular project off and while I didn't quite make it to a year, issue #50 (reviewed last Sunday) seemed like a good point to knock it on the head, for the time being at least. I did wonder if I was going to go all the way through to issue #100 when I set the ball rolling but, to be honest, I haven't been wowed the way I thought I might have been when I selected New Mutants as the title I was going to tackle.

Having not read many issues back in the day I didn't really have any nostalgia affecting my judgement so I looked at most of them at fresh eyes, so to speak. By and large the series kind averaged out as 'okay', with most issues being perfectly readable but often perfectly forgettable too. There were exceptions. The first handful of issues with Bill Sienkiewicz on art duties were pretty damn special and the Secret Wars II tie-ins, and the resulting aftermath, were brilliantly handled. Some characters rose to the fore (Dani Moonstar and Illyana Rasputin particularly), while others were consistently irritating (Roberto Da Costa, Rahne Sinclair), and there were a lot of occasions where too much of a spotlight was taken up by the least interesting members of the team. Also, it did frequently find itself in a position of coming across as Uncanny X-Men Lite, even at times when it had demonstrably proven it could stand on its own two feet.

I could have potentially kept this thing running and seen it through for another year but I felt it was time for a change and I'm now in the process of selecting the next series I want to tackle. I still have another 50 issues of New Mutants to read and at some point down the line I will get round to them. Whether it's in the form of a 'project' or whether I do it purely for the fun of reading is something to consider another day. As always I'm going to say: watch this space...

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