5 Nov 2013

On The Pull 03/11/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: I don't know about you but if there's one thing that's really lacking in the comics industry at the moment, it's the number of X-Men books available to buy. I mean, what is there, like ten X-books out there at the moment? More? Whatever the actual number is, it's simply not enough, because surely there can't be anyone out there who thinks there's too much mutant mayhem on the shelves?! Okay, so cheap sarcasm aside, even though I'll always believe more than a handful of X-books is too many, I can't say I'm not excited to see what Amazing X-Men #1 has in store this Wednesday. Jason Aaron's work on Wolverine & The X-Men has been a joy, full of comedy and heart, so I believe he's more than well-equipped to take on a second series, as long as he can thoroughly differentiate it of course. Brian Wood's X-Men is the only other X-book I'm interested in at the moment, so if this new title brings the total up to three that's fine, more than enough for anyone methinks (as long as I can remember who's writing which book, natch!). Elsewhere, it's a smaller pull-list for me this Wednesday, with East Of West #7 and Trillium #4 being the probable highlights.

Stewart R: As seems to be the norm these days there are a couple of Image debuts hitting shelves around the globe this Wednesday and I'll be checking them out. I wasn't particularly taken by Rebel Blood by Riley Rossmo and Alex Link, opting to bale out before the four-part series ended, but I'm willing to give this creative team another go with their new book Drumheller. It features a paranormal detective lists werewolves, demons and an ex-girlfriend as important elements and Rossmo's art work only seems to get stronger and stronger so I'll give it the once over for sure. Then there's Alex + Ada #1 from Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughan. It looks set to be a near-future science fiction tale predominantly focusing on artificial intelligence, self awareness and the human heart as well as potentially the darker side of all of those things from the preview pages released so far. When it comes to Vertigo's work I need to catch up on two issues of Trillium before diving into #4 this week - that trip away in October caused a back log I'm still struggling to clear - but thankfully I'm up to date and certainly ready for Ian Edginton's Hinterkind #2. That first issue was a barrel-full of fantasy and survivalist fun and I'm very keen to see where things lead with that one. It's a quiet week for me Marvel-wise as X-Men Legacy #19 is the only sure thing to make my pull-list and I'm not convinced that I'll be picking up Amazing X-Men #1. I'm just so utterly underwhelmed and disappointed by many of the X-books at present and disliking the influence that Bendis-made decisions are having as they ripple through this corner of what was a fine universe, disrupting everything in their path!

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Matt Clark said...

I hold my hands up, shame-faced! I initially miscredited Amazing X-Men to Brian Wood, not Jason Aaron! It has now been corrected and I'm now off to enrol myself into amateur editorial school again!