12 Nov 2013

On The Pull 13/11/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: Another thin week of titles this week (a total of six, which is lower than average for me). Two books stick out of the pack for their newness, and yes, surprise surprise, they're both from Image Comics. Manifest Destiny #1 offers a fantastical spin on the famous Lewis & Clark expedition, while Umbral #1 introduces us to a dark and violent fantasy world reeling from the murder of the Royal Family. Yet again it's the breadth and variety of titles Image keep adding to their roster that make them the leaders of the pack in the comics industry. From The Walking Dead to Savage Dragon to Sex, there really is something for everyone, and it's a joy to see creators put forth their tales, unencumbered by the kind of editorial tampering we see elsewhere. It's still astounding to open Previews each month and see yet more books that demand to be sampled. Not everything works for everyone but without doing any proper calculations, I'm guessing I pick up more books from Image at the moment than I do from any other publisher, even Marvel. They've had a cracking year and I hope they continue to take risks and keep surprising us into 2014 and beyond!

Stewart R: For once it seems that I'm steering clear of brand new series this week, though I will be picking up second efforts of two recent debut titles. I really liked the vibe of Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder's Rocket Girl #1 with it's vibrant look, plucky protagonist and interesting plot which makes Rocket Girl #2 a must have this week. Then there's Department of Monsterology #2 from Renegade Arts Entertainment. I'll admit that the first issue didn't fully grab me - the split narrative following two different teams had me more interested in one group than the other - but there's just something about this tale of bizarre mythologies that is keeping my interest for at least one more chapter. The 'big guns' in this week's pull-list come from all different corners of the comic book publishing industry. There's the final installment of Dan Boultwood's supremely funny It Came! for Titan publishing which I'm sure will be vying for Book of the Week come Sunday, Deathmatch #11 which is the penultimate chapter of what has been a triumphant series from Paul Jenkins and BOOM! Studios, as well as Federal Bureau Of Physics #5 steaming in from Vertigo. Finally there's two 'Superior' titles to enjoy from Marvel with Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man #21 looking to be yet another game changer in the life of Otto Octavius (masquerading of course as Peter Parker) following his huge error last time out, while Nick Spencer's terrific Superior Foes Of Spider-Man continues with its fifth installment where we'll get to see just how Boomerangs continued conniving affects this team of criminal misfits.

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