3 Dec 2013

On The Pull 04/12/2013

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: This week sees Marvel putting the Inhumans front and centre as the Inhumanity mini-event kicks off, spinning out of the conclusion of Infinity. For me, the Inhumans have always been fascinating creations but more often than not when they've been given the spotlight the results don't quite live up to the potential, hence the lack of any form of lasting ongoing series over the years. Is Matt Fraction the man to change that? I'm not entirely convinced as I believe he works better on the fringes of the Marvel Universe, or where he can play with offbeat concepts. His relaunch of Defenders wasn't particularly successful, so is he more likely to have better luck with Black Bolt and his crew? I'm more than happy to give this a chance though, as when Fraction finds the right groove he can be pretty unstoppable, and having Olivier Copiel on artistic duties certainly won't hurt its chances. Elsewhere, the title I'm most curious about is Velvet #2. I rather liked the first instalment but it did come across as rather formulaic, and my expectations were set for seeing Brubaker do something a little off the beaten track. It's certainly not a 'I'll give it one more issue' scenario but it does need a bit more 'wow' to sell me on its staying power.

Stewart R: Just like Matt I have my expectations for Inhumanity #1 restrained yet hopeful at this moment as the potential with such a creative team is great, but we just have to see if it all forms one cohesive and attention-grabbing spectacle. The last few time these two collaborated would have been on Mighty Thor and there was plenty of bang for your buck to be seen there, but perhaps that project failed to really reach the heady heights that were promised. Over at BOOM! I'm looking squarely at Six-Gun Gorilla #6 to finish off what has proven to be a wonderful science-fiction tale so far and with a little luck - and fine skill from writer Si Spurrier and artist Jeff Stokely - we should be in for a barnstorming finale there. Joe Casey has been flexing his Image muscles well with Sex and Bounce for that publisher and yet it's his work with Dark Horse at the moment that has me the most intrigued. Catalyst Comix #6 is out this week and through the previous chapters, Casey and his team of artists have managed to build up a detailed and highly varied view of a world turned upon its head following a successfully repelled alien incursion. The three different plot lines that have run fairly separately throughout have all been well written and entertaining and that's no easy feat to accomplish in a series that's only going to be nine issues in length. It's yet to be seen whether they'll all tie up at the very end (or possibly before), but at this point I'd safely say that the whole book has been so good that it hardly matters if they do or not.

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