7 Jan 2014

On The Pull 08/01/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: After a much needed couple of weeks where new releases were at a minimum, the first batch of comics of 2014 is a big one. Marvel are coming out fighting with their 'All-New Marvel NOW!' initiative, and front and centre of that is Avengers World #1. Yes, there's a valid argument to say that another Avengers book is completely unnecessary, but when you look at what Jonathan Hickman's achieved with Avengers and New Avengers over the past year I think there's a strong counter-argument that says this could provide a third, entirely different angle for Hickman to approach the concept of Earth's Mightiest Heroes from. We shall see. The other new launch that's caught my eye is Black Widow #1. She's never been a character that could sustain her own series for any length of time, but based on writer Nathan Edmondson's excellent track record of crafting intelligent spy thrillers (Dancer, Who Is Jake Ellis?) I think the odds are more in her favour this time around. Also of note from Marvel this week is Revolutionary War: Alpha #1 which sees the publisher attempt to give all those Marvel UK characters from a couple of decades ago a new lease of life. As a Brit, I feel duty-bound to check the first issue out, although to be honest I'm not holding my breath. Image aren't going for a quiet start to the year either, with the welcome likes of Manifest Destiny, Sex Criminals and Sheltered helping to increase the size of my weekly stack, meaning it looks like I've got an awful lot of reading ahead of me once more!

Stewart R: Like Matt, I'm going to be giving Avengers World #1 a chance with the combination of Nick Spencer's inclusion on writing duties and the fact that Avengers World replaces one of the main Avengers title's issues each month, preventing my wallet from being worse off, being the big plus points. I certainly like the premise of a team of heroes going off to save the Earth in the reaches of space only to return and find that everything changed and not necessarily for the better in their absense, and Hickman and Spencer are two fine writers to examine such an idea. I'm fully onboard with Black Widow #1 too, for much the same reason as my colleague: Nathan Edmondson is definitely a comic writer to watch, The Activity being one of my top ongoing reads and he certainly has a golden touch when it comes to the female characters in that book.  Letter 44 #3 is probably high on many lists out there this Wednesday and I'm eagerly anticipating the unfolding deep space mystery and uneasy political wrangling that this series seems to have in rich amounts. Certainly there's been plenty of mystery to be seen in Ian Edginton's Hinterkind as well over at Vertigo, and last month's added twist really helped to set this out as a fledgling comic to really watch out for in 2014 and - here's hoping - beyond! The excitement builds as I count down the hours until #4 is in my grasp!

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