11 Feb 2014

On The Pull 09/02/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: Holy heck, I guess I'll be scouring the local flowerbeds for roses this week as all my hard-earned cash is going to be hoovered up by this Wednesday's batch of comics! Just don't tell the wife! Where to begin, where to begin... Well, since I've already alluded to Valentine's Day, that amorously-themed date on the calendar, let us commence with She-Hulk #1! You see, if you were to talk about such things with my PCG colleagues they would tell you I have some sort of unbridled attraction to the green-skinned alter ego of Jennifer Walters, and that I have been lusting after her since my teenage days reading her adventures in John Byrne's Fantastic Four run. Which is, of course, an utterly ludicrous idea, suggesting I have some sort of trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, and have fallen head-over-heels with a fictional, four-coloured creation. Utter nonsense. BUT! But, if we were to ever imagine the Marvel Universe to be real, and you were to ask me who I considered to be the finest of all superhero ladies, then - without hesitation - I would advise you that it is She-Hulk. No contest. Just don't tell the wife! Now we've got that out of the way, what else do we have in store? Well, two potentially great new Image titles in the form of Fuse and Mercenary Sea for a start. Image have also got another instalment of the excellent Manifest Destiny as well as the finale of 'Season One' of the also-excellent Think Tank. And, for perhaps the first time ever, I'm picking up THREE Oni Press books. There's Sixth Gun #38, Letter 44 #4 and Bunker #1. I'm going to highlight Bunker #1 as it collects the first five instalments of the formerly digital-only series - featuring a group of teens discovering how they may bring about an apocalyptic future - which has now found its new home at the publisher. I've read it in the digital format - and it's great, believe me - but from issue #2 onwards it'll be all brand new chapters, so while some of us may have had a head start, from the second issue onwards we'll all be in the same boat. Which is nice.

Stewart R: While I'm looking at Marvel's second Marvel NOW! push a little sceptically as it only seems to increase their presence in an already very crowded marketplace - as well as their own wide catalogue - I simply can't ignore two more of their new NOW! titles this week. Like Matt I shall be picking up She-Hulk #1 as I'm interested to see what trained lawyer-turned writer Charles Soule can do with a character who can punch down buildings to get to criminals as well as applying her mental strength to the letter of the law in court. The other big #1 has to be in the shape of X-Force #1, though I'm getting a little sick of series being released with this team name as a debut issue when building up something of a run might help to draw readers in. Publisher decision aside I'm always interested to see what Simon Spurrier can do with the comic book medium and having truly impressed with his X-Men Legacy run and X-Club miniseries I'm excited to see what he does with such a forceful and unflinching mutant character as Cable. With the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie just a few months away it seems that Bucky Barnes is going to be getting more time on the page and we also get a new miniseries kick off this week in the shape of Winter Soldier: Bitter March #1 which looks from the previews to have a gloriously retro spy and espionage feel to it. Away from Marvel there are also other debutantes to grab a hold of out of the ranks of The Fuse #1, Mercenary Sea #1, City: The Mind In The Machine #1 and Bunker #1. A great deal of new material and the key question is how much will be sticking around in my pull-list for a second chapter?

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