25 Feb 2014

On The Pull 26/02/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: You want more evidence that Image are the bee's knees, the mutt's nuts, the cat's pyjamas? I'm picking up eight titles from the publisher this week, more than all the other publisher's put together. Obviously I'm not your typical comic book fan these days (is there such a thing?), veering a lot more towards creator-owned work, and the sales charts suggest there's a long way to go until Image are on a level playing field with Marvel and DC, but to me it shows how the medium will survive (and thrive) in the future, by avoiding an over-reliance on spandex fare. Not that I'm adverse to spandex fare by any means as there's still plenty of life left in the iconic characters from the Big Two, and I have an affection for some of them that will be lifelong. Case in point: the Fantastic Four. Marvel's First Family are not only phenomenally important to the genre for breaking the mould some 50 years ago but because, when the dynamic is captured perfectly, having 'The World's Greatest Comic Magazine' emblazoned across the front cover is entirely justified. Think of the initial Lee/Kriby run, John Byrne's seminal stint on the title, even Mark Waid's expertly judged take on the Foursome a decade ago. Superhero comics don't get much better. Seriously. Do I think James Robinson and Leonard Kirk's relaunch of the book (for the umpteenth time) has a chance of standing up to those greats? In all honesty, not really, but I love this team so much there's no way I'd ever pass up on an opportunity to see what some fresh minds can do with them! Going back to Image, Revenge #1 hits this week, and while I seem to recall the preview art from Ian Churchill being ridiculously over the top, I do have a lot of time for Jonathan Ross, even though America's Got Powers still sits unfinished on my pile. I won't get into that situation again so I'm giving his new series one issue to convince. There are so many other books from Image around at the moment that I definitely don't need to start thinking, "Well, maybe it'll improve with the next issue..."!

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