13 Mar 2014


In our Kickstarted feature, we take a look at those comics-related projects on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter that we feel warrant extra attention...
Matt C: A little over a year ago, we at The PCG were entirely oblivious to the fact that a bona fide comic convention had been held less than 60 miles away from us in August 2012. Then, in early 2013, an article at Bleeding Cool alerted us to a Kickstater campaign that had been started to help fund the second annual Melksham Comic Con. While the first one had passed us by, considering its proximity made it the closest convention to our stomping ground, there was no way we were going to miss it this time around.

We duly invested some cash in the campaign and were of course enormously pleased to see it hit its target, enabling con organizer Hayley Spencer and her team of Brians (yes, well get to that) to mount the event at the end of August. When August came around we set off towards Wiltshire, unsure of quite what to expect. A small town just outside of the Cotswolds, not the most obvious place for expressing a love of comic books… Would it be any good? Had our money been well invested?

The answer to both those questions was a resounding “YES!”

A fun, friendly con buoyed by passion and enthusiasm, located in a picturesque environment on a warm late summers day, the Melksham Comic Con was a blast, proving Yoda was – as usual – completely correct when he uttered the immortal words: “Size matters not.”

To say we were suitably impressed could be considered as an understatement. We had such a great time that we not only vowed to return in 2014 but we offered our services to assist in any way that we could, and it appears that our services have been accepted! Assuming all goes to plan, come the final weekend in August this year, The PCG will be making their live debut in an official capacity at a comic convention! Presenting a panel! We can’t say any more at the moment, things are in their early stages, but we’re excited by the opportunity to help out, entertain the masses, and so forth.

It's not all completely set in stone with regards to Melksham Comic Con 2014 though. Which is where you all come in.

Once again Hayley and the Brians have taken to Kickstater with the aim of turning a one-day event into a two-day extravaganza of comics, and as is the way with all things Kickstater, it can only come to pass when pledges are made and targets are reached. As readers of this site must surely know by now, we are an honest bunch here, so when we say that this most definitely a worthwhile cause, you know that’s the truth!

You can find more information about the Kickstarer project here, watch the rather wonderful video, discover who the Brians really are, and – hopefully – you’ll feel obliged to pledge some funds to making this thing a reality.

You can read our thoughts on last year’s event here. This year’s going to be even better. To quote another reassuringly wise sci-fi character, “Make it so.”


Badger said...

"WOW" you guys are going to do a live panel,depending on what aspect of the industry you will be discussing this could be very interesting,no way am I going to miss the opportunity to see you guys in action,going to book that weekend off for sure.

Matt Clark said...

The best thing to do is make a pledge in the Kickstater campaign. If it doesn't reach it's goal we won't be doing a panel.