25 Mar 2014

On The Pull 26/03/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: It's nothing new for the PCG to state that they're dipping into Image's batch of new #1s on any given Wednesday - it's almost become something of a mantra or motto these days - so it'll come as little surprise that I'll be picking up Bryan Hitch's Real Heroes #1 tomorrow! The reason I'm picking it up is because I enjoyed Mr Hitch's work on America's Got Powers (even if the series as a whole didn't quite live up to expectation) and I've recently read Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman for which Hitch was the UK cover artist. It seems that as a creator he's often attached to premises involving superhero creation or generic (a term not meant as a slight here) super powered adventures. In Real Heroes he's taking on both roles as writer and artist and the idea of actors playing blockbuster fictional heroes having to step up to the plate in real life to protect their city is interesting enough for me to see how Hitch may make things different than it just being an 'Avengers meets Galaxy Quest' rip. Real Heroes is amongst good company from Image this week with Dead Body Road #4 being the stand out pick as Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera continue their gritty, fast paced thriller which seems to throw up surprises each issue. There's also Alex + Ada #5, Sex #12 and Deadly Class #3 to pick up and it's crazy how strong a week it is for the publisher without the release list containing the likes of Saga, East of West, Chew, Black Science, Revival, Velvet... Over at Marvel the end is creeping ever nearer for Superior Spider-Man and I'm sure #30, being the penultimate chapter before #31 signs things off and hands the reigns over to the new Amazing Spider-Man #1, will be dramatic, heart-punching stuff as Dan Slott doesn't like to hold all of his cards back for the very end; he'll tease and taunt us brilliantly 'til the comic book New York dust settles.

Matt C: Another pretty hefty stack of comics will be waiting for me this Wednesday, which is rather worrying when I look at the number of books I haven't read from last week's hefty stack! There are several debut issues arriving from various publishers this week but I haven't felt like any of them are especially essential purchases although I'm thinking I might - might! - have my arm twisted in the direction of Iron Patriot #1. Yes, it's one of those 'Well, that won't last long!' titles, but based on Ales Kot's work on Zero for Image I'm thinking it could be worth a spin. Not that I checked out his relaunched Secret Avengers the other week (or heard much buzz about it anywhere, for that matter), but as I say, my arm's being twisted in that direction but it's not quite reach the point where I'm submitting yet. The other title I'm really curious about this week is The Bunker #2. The first issue was compiled from the initial five digital issues (with a bit of recolouring) and as it's now made the transition to ongoing paper monthly it will be interesting to see how those effective short blasts of ideas and melodrama translate into the more traditional format. I'm hoping it'll be of the same standard that had me raving about it when I read it on my iPad several months ago!

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