1 Apr 2014

On The Pull 02/04/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: I can't say that every book Garth Ennis puts out is a winner in my eyes, but when he strikes gold, the man who penned Preacher is almost untouchable. To my mind his best work at Avatar has been in partnership with Jacen Burrows (the original Chronicles Of Wormwood miniseres, the first - and never bested - Crossed series) but while Caliban sees him working with Fashion Beast artist Fecundo Percio I'm still more than willing to give it a shot. The premise seems to veer in the direction of the cinematic likes of Alien, Event Horizon and Sunshine, but I think Ennis has a good track record of taking well worn ideas and injecting new life in them, and to my mind he has one of the best approaches to the horror genre in comicdom. Inhuman #1 finally makes its debut this Wednesday after Matt Fraction departed to be replaced by Charles Soule on writing duties, and after the damp squib non-event of Inhumanity you may think I'd be steering clear of this. I know Joe Madureria has a very passionate fanbase, but I can't say I really count myself as one of them - nope, I'm cautiously optimistic about this new series because a) Soule's She-Hulk is one of the best of the new wave of Marvel books (and also - Letter 44!), and b) another great new book, Ms. Marvel, has spun out of the aftermath of the Terrigen Bomb detonation. Both of those reasons give me hope. Other new books on my radar include the first instalment of the Ed Brisson-penned four-parter The Field from Image and Dead Letters #1 from BOOM! (written by Chris Selba, who also scripts the excellent Monkeybrain digicomic, High Crimes). That's just the new stuff! There's still plenty of other books that'll be vying for my attention too (Moon Knight #2, Black Science #5, the Trillium finale, to name a few) so yes, another busy week of reading ahead of me.

Stewart R: Taking a look at Marvel's solicitations for the week it's a little surprising that they didn't take the opportunity to dub it 'All New Marvel NOW! Week' as the vast majority of titles released belong to those new series, and I'm picking up many of them! Black Widow #5, Punisher #4, She-Hulk #3 and Moon Knight #2 have all found a spot on my pull-list and it's impressive to see these titles deliver in terms of consistency with some strong creators at their back. While Inhuman #1 looks like it could potentially join the club of ongoing appearances on my pull-list, I will hold some reservation for now considering the initial writer change from Matt Fraction to Charles Soule. He is, as Matt said, doing a fine job on She-Hulk and Letter 44, but a late substitution into a series already in the planning is a slightly different prospect. Elsewhere I'm anticipating Bad Blood #4 from Dark Horse, a vampire series which has been full of mood, emotion and engrossing character work. Image have another strong week - surprise, surprise! - and while Pretty Deadly, Black Science and Revival all make welcome returns to these reading eyes, it's Sidekick #6 that holds a big interest this week as Straczynski's tale of superheroic downfall, depression and subterfuge looks to kick up a gear and deal a dark hand in revenge!

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