15 Apr 2014

On The Pull 16/04/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: Another quiet week for my pull-list, which begs the question, why don't all the publishers spread their releases to favour my particular purchasing choices? I mean, seventeen one week, five the next? What are they playing at?! Obviously that will never come to pass, but with such inconsistency in the number of titles I get from week to week, those 'quieter' Wednesdays have me feeling like I'm not buying enough, as though I'm not fully supporting my hobby! Which is ridiculous of course, but it's often those 'fallow' weeks where I find myself looking towards other books that I may have otherwise let pass me by. Enter Translucid #1 from BOOM! Studios. I don't think I paid much attention to it when it appeared in Previews, but the premise is certainly intriguing to say the least. An arch-nemesis of a celebrated superhero notices that his foe's moral compass is starting to slip, and realising that would upset the balance of their relationship, the villain decides to delve into the hero's past to determine why this change of course may have occurred. This leads on to an exploration of what makes someone gifted with powers decided to use them for good, and vice versa. That works for me so, even though I'm not familiar with the creators involved, I'm prepared to take a punt on something I would have probably skipped in a busier week. Hey, maybe these publishers know what they're doing after all!

Stewart R: Funnily enough Translucid #1 also stood out from the crowd for me when it came to scanning the shipping list for this week. The idea of investigating what makes someone a hero from the detective perspective of an estranged hero's arch nemesis is an interesting take and the preview pages sealed the deal with a strangely haunted feel to the visuals. This of course appears in the same week as Marvel's biggest look at a similar premise finally closes its curtains as Superior Spider-Man #31 marks the end of a highly successful and hugely entertaining experiment from Dan Slott. With Peter Parker back the most interesting parts of this finale will be just how different the Manhattan he's returning to is compared to when Otto made his move and pushed the spirit of Peter Parker into the shadows of his mind. The Amazing Spider-Man is going to kick on from here, but arguably this will be where that story truly begins I would imagine. Elsewhere in something of a slim week I'm looking forward to seeing how Simon Spurrier pushes things on for Cable and his team in X-Force #3, where Brian Wood decides to take a brand new arc in his X-Men #13 and just where Scott Snyder is going to steer Pearl Jones and Skinner Sweet in American Vampire: Second Cycle #2.

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