3 Apr 2014

The PCG's Top 15 Current Comics - April 2014

Once again the assembled membership of the PCG have put on their thinking caps and compiled their Top 15 Current Comics to provide a more concise look at what they're currently reading and (more importantly) enjoying...

15. Pretty Deadly (Image)
14. Sheltered (Image)
13. Superior Spider-Man (Marvel)
12. Sex Criminals (Image)
11. Uncanny Avengers (Marvel)
10. Daredevil (Marvel)
  9. Letter 44 (Oni Press)
  8. The Private Eye (Panel Syndicate)
  7. East Of West (Image)
  6. Saga (Image)
  5. Deadly Class (Image)
  4. The Wake (DC/Vertigo)
  3. Hawkeye (Marvel)
  2. Black Science (Image)
  1. Lazarus (Image)

Matt C: If you take a look back at the results of the last poll we did in October then it's apparent that many of the titles have retained their presence in our list, although the order has shifted about a bit. The big news is that Lazarus has knocked Hawkeye off the top spot, which could be down to the various delays afflicting the latter, or perhaps, with a few more issues under its belt, the former has amply displayed its continued quality and potential longevity. It seems right that an Image book takes the prize anyway, as the publisher's books take up over half of our list, providing further ammunition to those convinced that we're taking backhanders from them (and if you really believe that you must be reading the wrong comics!). Most impressive is the Top 5 placings of Rick Remender's new creator-owned books, Black Science and Deadly Class, and with three titles on our list (Uncanny Avengers being the third), there's a case to be made that he's currently the PCG's favourite writer. Yet again, our tastes veer mostly towards creator-owned work, with a handful of Marvel titles making up the numbers, and while a look at the sales charts shows the industry is still in the thrall of the Big Two, I think our own chart shows that there's a plentiful supply of ideas and creativity outside of their afherance to the superhero paradigm.


hypnojoo said...

'Twas notable at the last Leeds thought bubble that the image panel scored by far the biggest crowds and there was a real buzz about what titles and stories were coming up. The vertigo one was being chaired by some corporate twat who barely let the creators speak and the vast majority of questions from audience were about brand identity/future direction of the imprint...

Matt Clark said...

Image have may stolen their creator-owned thunder (quite dramatically) but I wouldn't count Vertigo out of the running just yet...