20 May 2014

On The Pull 21/05/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: It may seem sometimes like Mark Millar gets a bad rap around these parts, but I think that's more down to some of his mainstream output than his creator-owned work. I was a huge fan of The Ultimates but I found the likes of Civil War, Old Man Logan and his stint on Fantastic Four to be infuriating rather than entertaining. But, while Kick-Ass may have passed its sell-by date, some of his recent work under the Millarworld banner has been really strong (Supercrooks, Jupiter's Legacy) and the current Strarlight is shaping up to be one of his impressive books in a long while. And so to MPH #1, his latest release from Image. Drug-induced super-speedster teens using their newfound powers to go after cold, hard cash. Perhaps not a wholly original concept (at least, not as original as Millar would have you believe!) but at this stage of the game it would be foolish to ever dismiss what the man's capable of, so it's a definite for this week's pull-list. There's a lot of other titles vying for attention this Wednesday, with the welcome return of Saga and the sophomore instalment of Original Sin (which will hopefully see the story pick up momentum) being the most obvious highlights for me.

Stewart R: It's a new Image #1 and you always have to figure that the Millar hit rate of 50% for 'must-read' series (figure courtesy of Stewart R's mind and opinion) means that it'd be a foolish decision to leave MPH #1 on the shelves. The lesser known #1 out this week which has me a little more intrigued is Last Broadcast #1 from Archaia. The blurb passes this off as a fantasy occult mystery where the urban exploration of those areas deemed 'off limits' or marked 'no trespassing' will lead to a mystery dating back to the 1930s and no doubts dark and thrilling times. The art style has a manga edge to it yet the artist, Gabriel Iumazark, hails from Brazil and I'm interested to see how effectively his striking line style captures this unfolding story. From a number two perspective I'm heading Marvel's way for Amazing Spider-Man #2 to see how Dan Slott settles back into the task of writing Peter and ensuring that his exploits remain gripping, whilst wild horses couldn't drag me away from my copy of Elektra #2 this week. I've actually found myself thinking back to that great debut by Blackman and Del Mundo - the latter's distinct visuals particularly - and I'm very excited to see what transpires once Elektra has landed on Monster Island!

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