27 May 2014

On The Pull 28/05/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: A new Warren Ellis science fiction comic that involves alien lifeforms visiting Earth and then spending the next ten years standing around like trees doing nothing. Or something. The solicitations for Trees I've seen don't give away a hell of a lot of information, and I wonder if Ellis' name wasn't attached whether a more punchy insight into the plot would be required. But Ellis' name is attached, and even though he's not been as prolific in the comics scene over the last couple of years as he once was, judging by what he's been doing on the relaunched Moon Knight series over at Marvel, his talents in the medium haven't deserted him. To be honest, Ellis could write a comic about real trees and I'd still give it a look. Also from Image is C.O.W.L. #1, another book I'm not getting a proper sense of what it's about from the promotional spiel I've seen, but my curiosity is piqued enough to try it. One book I think I may be skipping is Inhuman #2. I quite liked the debut issue but the delay between that and this second instalment has been enough to see my interest fade, and I can't shake the feeling that Marvel really dropped the ball with this one. It'll be a case of flicking through it on the day to see if anything grabs me I think.

Stewart R: Well, it's been a few months - nearly four by a quick mental guess and some dubious counting on fingers - but Inhuman #2 is finally out this week and it really must be regarded as 'make or break' time for Marvel's push to put the Inhumans into the limelight. Charles Soule is definitely the writer to steer this effort and there's no doubting the pull of Joe Mad! on art duties, but a delay of this magnitude and the sliding of the debut issue into the back of Amazing Spider-Man #1 shows that there might be doubts on whether this can capture a large, sustained audience in order to make this an ongoing success. Southern Bastards #2 on the other hand, is a follow-up issue that I have no doubts about as Jason Aaron's violent, brooding opener was definitely worthy of Book Of The Week consideration and I expect that to remain a possibility every time it hits the shelves. I state 'possibility' because there's always a wealth of contenders it seems these days and this week we have the finale of Justin Jordan's Dead Body Road as well as Deadly Class #5 from Rick Remender to delve into and enjoy. It's also time for me to pick up the clockwork, sic-fi antics of Brass Sun #1 this week after my preview a few months back and I'm looking forward to seeing if the preview blurb translates into an engrossing debut for the 2000 AD published work.

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