10 Jun 2014

On The Pull 11/06/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: We like Matt Hawkins round these parts. Since putting his writing cap back on a couple of years back (while continuing to handle his duties as COO of Top Cow) he's spearheaded two eminently memorable titles in the form of Think Tank and Aphrodite IX. Think Tank, the bleeding edge military science thriller, gets my vote for being one of the best creator-owned books on the market, but the futuristic sci-fi of Aphrodite IX has been an enthralling, imaginative read too, and both books have been marked by their intelligence and the exceptional (and insightful) back matter Hawkins has provided with every issue. A few preview pages for Wildfire #1 (released this Wednesday, dealing with genetically modified food causing disaster in LA), appeared in the back of Think Tank: Fun With PTSD #1, and while it was a bit talky, that was mainly down to the freeflow of ideas, and Hawkins has shown repeatedly that he can inject smart, contemporary concepts into the comic book medium, so this is quite clearly the book I've got my eye on the most this week. Image add Manifest Destiny #7 and Stralight #4 to the list, FBP #11 comes in from Vertigo, Marvel keep me busy with Deadpool #30, New Avengers #19 and She-Hulk #5, while Oni have Sixth Gun #41. And that's my lot.

Stewart R: Yup, it's all about the Matt Hawkins love just as Matt C suggests. Wildfire #1 is the unmissable new pick in this week's haul thanks to the draw of Hawkins' writing, Linda Sejic's art (she's the spouse of Aphrodite IX illustrator Stjepan and incredibly talented in her own right) and the fact that those preview pages that Matt C mentioned from the Think Tank special suggested that this is likely to be the thought-provoking, science-based drama commentary that I need on my pull-list. Speaking of that piece of changeable parchment that contains all of my regular, comic book-related interest, it seems that this is a very slim week indeed. Aside from Wildfire I'm only likely to pick up four other titles, three of them Marvel and one of them a Vertigo book. The latter is of course Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez's FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #11 and as we reach the midway point of the 'Wish You Were Here' arc it's clear that Rosa's struggle with where she's come from and her tormented past may be the undoing of her mind, and she might just drag Adam along with her! On the Marvel side of things the three must haves would be She-Hulk #5, Avengers Undercover #5 and New Avengers #19, though I must say that I'm probably four or so issues behind in my reading of Hickman's New Avengers work and the longer that continues to be the case the more I start to wonder if I'd be better off just letting it go and pick it up in trade as I suspect it will make for a better read in collected form.

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