22 Aug 2014

The Indie Club: RED MASK FROM MARS #1

The Indie Club is an irregular feature where we take a closer look at any small press or self-published books that have crossed our path.

Writer: Vincent Hunt
Art: Vincent Hunt & Shaun Dobie

Matt C: A resolutely British take on the superhero genre, Red Mask From Mars carries with it enough wit and irreverence to keep it buoyant and appealing throughout this debut issue. A new superhero recruited by government agency Xenosphere is getting the various outlandish sci-fi scenarios he’s called in for dealt with, even if the collateral damage is resulting in a bit of a PR disaster.

There’s an air of knowing silliness to Hunt’s tale, but not to the extent that it overwhelms the narrative – there’s still a story being told and a structure being worked, with characters relationships (or lack thereof) being built, all in preparation for what seems to be a larger narrative at play. It’s all colourfully delivered, with a tongue slightly in cheek and an impulse to entertain.

There are niggles. It’s clear an editor’s touch was required to run through the dialogue and make sure it was punched up a bit, but that’s not enough to subtract from the positives. It’s a vibrant, amusing opening that brings to mind other peddlers of warped Brit humour in comic books like Jamie Smart and Roger Langridge. If you’re keyed into that kind of vibe then Red Mask From Mars shows a great deal of potential. 7/10

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