27 Aug 2014

The Road To Melksham Comic Con 2014

Matt C: Two years ago when Melksham Comic Con made its debut, we at The PCG were completely oblivious to existence. Although we like to think that our fingers are always on the pulse, sometimes those fingers slip off, and we’ll chalk that occasion up as one of those times. The fingers were back on in 2013 as the MCC went the Kickstarter route to enable its existence, and although we hadn’t experienced it personally, we weren’t going to ignore the fact that it was the closest Con to us, geographically speaking, and we duly pledged some funds to ensure it was came to pass.

And it did come to pass. We of course made an appearance, had an absolute blast, and made a vow to return the next year. And indeed we are returning this year, but we couldn’t allow ourselves to be simple attendees again, somehow we had to be involved! To our surprise we were given permission to participate, and although the organisers may live to regret that decision, you can expect to see the PCG out in force this weekend with not one, but two panels to our name!

On Saturday at 4pm in the Council Room of Melksham Town Hall, prepare to be dazzled as we present to you: ‘Comics In Just A Minute’. Any similarity to the Radio 4 quiz show of the same name is, er, purely coincidental (as they say!) and as we do have four comics people (Sonia Leong, Jon Lock, Rufus Dayglo and Lizzie Boyle) signed up to participate, we like to think that legitimises our endeavours, and maybe even provides the impetus to make sure we present something that will be well worth an hour of any fans of comics and *ahem* humour’s time!

And on Sunday at 1pm we return to host the Debate Panel, with a subject that will be revealed soon, and will be argued over by science writer and comics fan JV Chamary and our very own James R. Which side will you be on?

But as much as we’d like to hog all the attention we can, Melksham Comic Con has much more to offer than just our shambolic antics (much, much more!). We’re just a drop in the ocean compared to what Hayley and the Brians have assembled for your entertainment this coming weekend (guests like Ian Churchill and Andy Lanning, panels including 'What Is Manga?' and 'Marvel UK - Those Were The Days', loads of exhibitors, and so on). Head on over to the website to see the full extent of what’s on offer and then come back and tell us that it doesn’t sound like a weekend that shouldn’t be missed. You can’t, can you??

So, as they say… we’ll see you there!

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