9 Sept 2014

On The Pull 10/09/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: It was this three page preview of Copperhead #1 at CBR that really got its hooks into me and convinced me that this is the book to look out for this Wednesday. In the space of just three pages we're introduced to the protagonist, Sheriff Bronson, given an idea of her ass-kicking abilities, an idea of the current status quo on the planet and in the town to which she's been assigned as well as fed the smallest mystery as to where the true power in Copperhead lies. The sci-fi western is having something of a golden period as a genre presently with Six-Gun Gorilla, to an extent Lazarus and of course East Of West all dipping in successfully and definitely raising my appetite for more. I'm hoping that Copperhead #1 will only make me hungrier for more and lock #2 into my pull-list with a strong opening display. Of course two of those other mentioned books also make an appearance this week and I'm always, ALWAYS excited to see Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta bring another chapter of East Of West to the shelves while Lazarus grows stronger with each issue as Greg Rucka twists the plot and shows us more of Forever's unique and violent upbringing. I'll give a final nod towards a series coming to its conclusion this week as Dennis Hopeless brings the story of his Murder-World survivors to a close in Avengers Undercover #10. There's been an unpredictability throughout Hopeless' writing on Avengers Arena through to this shortlived series and I genuinely have no idea how things will wrap up or if everyone will survive, and that's been the key to his success throughout - well done, sir!

Matt C: Think I'll check out Copperhead #1 too - I've enjoyed a lot of Jay Faerber's work in the past (most notably Noble Causes) and I'm very keen on the art I've seen in preview pages so far. I'll probably give Wilds End #1 a look too (seems like a War Of The Worlds/Wind In The Willows hybrid) - Dan Abnett's usually reliable in different genres and as I missed out on Brass Sun I need to take a proper look at I.N.J. Culbard's illistrations, see why my colleagues have been singing his praises so highly. Amongst my regular ongoings it's Lazarus #11, The Bunker #6, East Of West #15, Hawkeye #20 and Sheltered #11 that will be making their way to the top of my pile, five books that would sit nicely in my Top 10 current comics right now. So a fine week of reading ahead of me it seems!

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