16 Sept 2014

On The Pull 17/09/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: Time runs out. Or is it, 'Time Runs Out'? Details have been vague (and to be fair I haven't delved to far into potential spoiler territory) but what I do know is that this is (purportedly) what Jonathan Hickman has been working towards since Day One on Avengers and New Avengers, and possibly even before that. We seem to be jumping ahead eight months from where we were previously, and what that entails... well, I have absolutely idea, but what I do know is that Hickman's turn on Earth's Mightiest Heroes has been right up there with the best stuff Marvel have put out over the last couple of years, so I'm pretty excited to see how he's going to wrap it all up. Also of note from Marvel this week is Thor: God Of Thunder #25 which sees the final issue with the Odinson as the star of the show (for now). I have to admit, while I was bowled over by the early issues, my enjoyment had waned dramatically since then, and I think I stuck with it based on the quality of the first arc and my ongoing loyalty to the character (one of my faves) than because it was still ticking the right boxes for me. So I'm kind of glad its done and now I have a month or so to figure out whether I think Jason Aaron's likely do something memorable with the new lady Thor...

Stewart R: A lighter week in terms of numbers and, to be honest, excitement this Wednesday compared to the high value week we've just experienced. The return to my pull-list of Rick Remender's Deadly Class with its seventh instalment adds a delicious hint of spice however, as Marcus and the gang's trip to Las Vegas was a highly volatile experience and there's sure to be fall out when they return to the school for assassins! I am looking forward to Elektra #6, but that eagerness is tempered by the rumours suggesting that the series has been cancelled already (and Breevort is of course referring to Bleeding Cool in that response from Marvel, and while they may rub people up the wrong way, BC do have a habit of being on the money more often than not). There's also the fact that this issue does not include the gorgeous artwork of Mike Del Mundo, Alex Sanchez having been brought in to fill for one chapter. The potential cancellation is gutting as it really has been a great start to the series and the artistic substitution, albeit temporary, now influences my future decision on buying the series in collected form as if the whole thing had been Del Mundo's hand then I would have paid hand (not the ninja clan) over fist (not the Iron one) for a copy.

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