23 Sept 2014

On The Pull 24/09/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: It was Avengers #35 last week and now it's the turn of New Avengers #24 to take us eight months into the future for 'Time Runs Out'. I'm slightly more interested to see this issue as I want to find out exactly what Namor and his new 'team' have been up to in the interim. The more I think about it, the more I believe that Jonathan Hickman's work on the Avengers books has been the main draw for the Marvel Universe as whole over the last couple of years. Sure, you've got what Remender's been doing, particularly on Uncanny Avengers, but that often feels like it's been in its own pocket universe, unconcerned with what's going on elsewhere (although that's likely to change with AXIS) and stuff like Hawkeye and Daredevil also seem to operate on the periphery, not really getting too involved in any crossover events that sail on by. Hickman's stuff on the other hand has been really central to what's been going on in the MU, and the level of intelligence he bought his books, and the kind of themes he's been playing with, will make him a really, really tough act to follow. Other books of note this Wednesday? Well, I'm going to keep bigging up C.O.W.L. as it's probably the best comic on the shelves that you (yes, you!) aren't picking up at the moment, and also Magneto, another title that proves Marvel can still deliver content that's surprising and thrilling from within it's established franchises (even if it is getting tied closely to AXIS at this point!). Oh, and Saga, because, well, it's Saga.

Stewart R: A cursory and lazy glance at the order sheet for this week and I thought it was going to be a quiet one. That was obviously a moment where my cognitive reasoning had given up and headed to the pub as it's one 'mutha-funster' of a week for Image once again. Some of the usual suspects are in there as expected with Chew, Saga and Sex all in attendance, but it's the presence of Robert Kirkman's Outcast #4 that has me a little surprised following my ambivalence to the opening chapter. Somehow, Kirkman's steady pacing and growing character work has lulled me in and the split between the small town drama and the supernatural elements keeps things interesting when they do occasionally dovetail. Rick Remender's Low #3 is a highly anticipated read for me as the sub-aquatic story potential is huge, yet the big draw has been his deft hand with characterization and the focus on loss, depression and anger. Tocchini has been on fine form on the art side of things too, giving the underwater future a truly unique look. And when it comes to unique looks for your comic book, you can of course glance knowingly in I.N.J. Culbard's direction as his style on books such as Dark Horse's Dark Ages and the superb Brass Sun for 2000 AD really does have a beautifully simplistic life of its own. Brass Sun #5 hits the stores tomorrow and the clockwork solar system and the inhabitants he's helped Ian Edginton to create and shape have made for a truly captivating and engrossing read and I just know this penultimate chapter will once again be something special!

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