7 Oct 2014

On The Pull 08/10/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: Just last week I attempted to remove some titles from my burgeoning pull-list - and pretty much failed - and I worried whether Image would be adding a few more books to the list over the next coming weeks. And whaddya know? Three new #1s appear this Wednesday that stand a good chance of coming home with me. Wytches #1 is the unquestionable purchase. Snyder is arguably a better horror writer than a superhero writer (which is not to say he lacks in the latter department), and reteaming with Jock (their 'Black Mirror' collaboration has been the highlight of Synder's time penning the Dark Knight's adventures for me) makes this the top of the pile this week. Punks: The Comic #1 looks like it might be an off the wall treat and comes from two creators I have a lot of time for (Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain). Birthright #1 is not definite but Joshua Williamson has turned in some fine work (Nailbiter and Masks & Mobsters especially) and as it's a double-sized issue for $2.99 I'll probably take a punt. Also from Image we have Black Science #9 (the winner of our best current comics poll, lest we forget), Copperhead #2 and Sex Criminals #8. As for Marvel? Well, there's Avengers #36 to look forward to but the big news is Avengers And X-Men: AXIS #1. I'm kind of wary of recommending any Marvel events these days as they quite frequently don't come close to delivering, but as this is spinning out of the events of Uncanny Avengers, one of the House Of Ideas best series at the moment, and is being spearheaded by Rick Remender, one of the brightest talents in the comics firmament right now, I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this one's chances. 

Stewart R: While Matt samples Image's new delights this week I've elected to steer clear of their debuts for seven days having picked up a few new books in the past month and finding a need to declutter my pull-list a little, just as my colleague has done in his recent article! I'll wait to see what the general feedback on Wytches #1 proves to be before possibly having a nosey if it passes muster with the other members of the PCG. Of course I'm not without some Image titles in this Wednesday's haul and Black Science #9, Copperhead #2, Death Vigil #4, Imperial #3 and Sex Criminals #8 round out a healthy stack to attack. Copperhead #2 is the one I'm gagging to get my hands on in order to see if Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski can maintain the impetus from a terrific start last month and nudge this further up the rung of must-have Image ongoings. FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #14 from Vertigo marks the first issue without Robbi Rodriguez on art duties, with Alberto Ponticelli and series cover artist, Nathan Fox brought into the fold to keep things going from here. I'm a big fan of Fox's work already and I think he'll be a good fit, but Ponticelli is unknown to me so I'm interested to see what he brings to a fine book. And of course we then have Avengers And X-Men: AXIS #1 which screams potential with the slew of premium artists lined up by Marvel and the very talented and reliable Rick Remender on writing duties, but you know what, perhaps I've been burned by the 'Marvel Event disappointment' a few too many times as my excitement and enthusiasm for this is pretty low currently. We'll see how that stands in just over 24 hours I guess!

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