12 Nov 2014

The Paradoscars 2014 - Voting Begins!

Unbelievably, we are already entering the final few weeks of 2014, a year that seems to have zipped by at a rate of knots, one that's provided a plentiful supply of comic book entertainment to keep us distracted as the calendar edged closer to December. And as December is almost upon us then it is of course time to begin the traditional Paradoscar voting process!

This is our eighth year of running this here and once again we'll be opening up the voting to the wider world. However, unlike the last few years where the voting has primarily been though our Facebook page, we thought we'd try something different this time around and go the Survey Monkey route. As we're cheapskates we're going for the 'free' option on the site, and that means breaking the voting down into three segments with seven categories each.

The nominations in each category have been chosen by the PCG, and obviously reflect our tastes, so while you may not see some more 'obvious' contenders present, there are still some fantastic comics, creators and more in our selections, so please vote for our initial seven categories, as listed below...

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