2 Dec 2014

On The Pull 03/12/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: The Crossed 'franchise' (with that many associated titles, that's essentially what it's become) has never really appealed to me unless its originator, Garth Ennis, is steering the ship. He's the only one who seems to get the balance between horror (extreme horror, no less) and humanity just right. So there hasn't been much expectation on my part to look at another Crossed book without Ennis' involvement... until Alan Moore entered the mix with Crossed + One Hundred. It's a surprising move for someone who's purportedly claimed he doesn't read any current comics, and has arguably become more newsworthy for his cantankerous interviews rather than his output of late, but he remains on of the titans of the medium so there's no way I'd overlook this one. It's set 100 years after the initial outbreak which should provide Moore with an opportunity to confirm he can also do that horror/humanity balancing act with aplomb. Another new title to note is werewolf miniseries Wolf Moon #1 from Vertigo. Now, contrary to these last few sentences, I'm not really that much of a horror buff (or werewolf buff for that matter!), but there are several contemporary writers who I feel can really make the genre work on the page, and Bunn is definitely one of them. Elsewhere it's business as usual with Image taking up the bulk of my pull-list (highlights being Birthright #3 and Tooth & Claw #2) and the only Marvel title I'm picking up isn't strictly a Marvel title, being the incredibly but brilliantly bleak Men Of Wrath #3 through the Icon imprint.

Stewart R: I stumbled wearily into this week's delivery list at the Paradox website after a hard weekend at the office (I currently work in a restaurant, bless everyone's burrito-eating faces) and through my fatigue actually did a mini fist pump in anticipation of this turning out to be a Hinterkind release week! That speaks volumes about my love for this Vertigo book and how I'm gloriously happy each and every time a chapter gets released. Ian Edginton and Francesco Trifolgi have crafted a brilliantly immersive fantasy world and dropped the sort of protagonist struggle found in long-running books such as The Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man straight into its midst alongside the political, royal wranglings found in today's top fantasy TV series. It's proving to be an addictive melding as I don't think I could stop buying that book even if I wanted to. Then there's Rick Remender's Low which gets its fifth outing this Wednesday and will no doubt lead to further pain and suffering for Stel and Marik as they try to bring their broken family back together at the same time as trying to save the entire human race from extinction! That's while they're also being held captive by pirates who tore their family asunder a decade ago... I've no idea where this'll go next, but I cannot wait to see! Also on the reading menu this week will be Tooth & Claw #2, which I hope will be as enthralling as the debut as well as Nailbiter #8 which I hope may push the story on and give us a clue as to why so many serial killers come from the (fictional) town of Buckaroo, Oregon.

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hypnojoo said...

Two awesome choices guys - moore is the only guy who can tempt me back to crossed and I really enjoyed the first hinterland TPB - looks to be a good week!