9 Dec 2014

On The Pull 10/12/2014

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: Bitch Planet. There's no way I'm leaving a book with a title like that on the shelf! Okay, so a prison exploitation tale with an added dollop of sci-fi sounds like a whole lot of fun, but the worry is that exploitation tales are often very trashy and there's a danger that an homage will come across as trashy too. On the other hand, there are plenty of examples of creators in various mediums taking exploitation material as their template and making something wildly entertaining and profound (Tarantino is a master of this!) so I'm hoping that whatever Kelly Sue DeConick and Valentine de Landro have up their sleeves falls into that camp. As well as Bitch Planet #1, Image take up the bulk of my pull-list with the likes of Southern Bastards #6 and Copperhead #4 also due to be welcomed into my collection come Wednesday. For fans of East Of West there's also the East Of West: The World #1 one-shot which will attempt to bring further clarity to the fictionalized environment that Jonathan Hickman has been crafting for the last couple of years. Apparently they'll be stuff in here you won't see in the regular series, so my advice is you should probably make sure you nab a copy!

Stewart R: While Image takes up the majority of Matt's pull-list space this week I'm finding myself with a fairly even split between Image and Marvel, though I will admit my enthusiasm for each publisher's work does not divide into equal sections this Wednesday. I seriously need to make some big decisions about titles going forward as I've found some books, that I made efforts to catch up on previously, have now once again slipped into the category of 'buy, but don't read' for at least a month and that's no longer sustainable behaviour in these times of great new books popping up every other week. I've decided to stick with Avengers And X-Men: AXIS despite being underwhelmed by the idea and some of the execution so far for no other reason than I have hope that Rick Remender has some twist or surprise in the bank to help elevate this event somehow. Si Spurrier's X-Force is a book that has the word 'cancelled' hover above its head in a rumour-fuelled cloud every month and I'm sad to say that even my enthusiasm for his work on this title has diminished recently so unless I manage to catch up on last issue and this incoming thirteenth chapter in the next few days it'll have to go. Gone too will be X-Men after Marc Guggenheim's arc wraps up with this week's #22 and while up-and-comer G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel) takes over from next month I can't see myself sticking with it. On the Image side of things I've for some reason been buying Fuse every month, having heard good things, but just haven't found the time to dive in properly; another crunch deadline is therefore delivered and it'll be removed from my pull-list if it remains unread by January 1st! 

Okay, so I've focused on the shaky stuff to start with, but there's a wealth of things I'm very excited about this week too! East Of West: The World #1 is a must have purchase as I'll take and absorb every new thing that Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta and Frank Martin bring us about this fascinating sci-fi reality. Copperhead continues to grow into a great frontier detective book and I can see things just getting harder and harder for Sheriff Bronson as she tries to settle into her new job on a new, dangerous planet. Winterworld #5 gets a new artist for a new arc in the form of Tomas Giorello and his style should certainly be a good fit for this book of desolate landscapes and dubious intentions! Finally I'll give a nod in the direction of Thor #3 which comes out this week as Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman have very quickly ensured that this is a must read and high up the order of excitement with each release.

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