6 Jan 2015

On The Pull 07/01/2015

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Matt C: Another year, another several hundred comics to look forward to, to varying degrees (yes, count how many you get a week then multiply that by 52 - eek!). My aim in 2015 is to strip back on the number of books I'm picking up as it's reached a point where it's close to unmanagable, both in terms of time and money. Well, that's the aim, anyway! That's not say I won't be on the look out for new, potentially brilliant, books, which is why I have my sights on Lady Killer #1 from Dark Horse this Wednesday. The premise - kind of combining the domestic scenes of Mad Men with an assassin for hire - is cool, but in all honesty it's the artwork Joëlle Jones that's sold me on trying it out. Loved her work on Helheim from Oni Press, and sometimes that's all the reason needed! Other highligts this week come from - surprisingly! - Image, who have Birthright #4 and Deadly Class #10 on the agenda, and as those are two of my current faves, that's already looking like a great start to the new year!

Stewart R: The terrific Matt Hawkins and Stjepan Sejic sci-fi wagon hurtles ever onwards and having introduced us to Aphrodite IX, the strange, hostile world she now calls home, as well as her freshly awoken brothers and sisters, it's time to jump aboard IXth Generation #1 this week! Hawkins jumps us 25 years into the future where the various IXs have divided up the cyborg civilisation into fiefdoms and bicker, quarrel and let blood and synthetic blood amongst them all. He's a writer who manages to convey a broad canvas when dealing with his plots, yet has a keen eye for intimate moments and focus on character too which makes this new Top Cow series a must have for me. I'll also be giving a chance to Ant-Man #1, not because there's a Marvel movie due out this year - and a teaser trailer today apparently - but because Nick Spencer, author of the brilliant Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, is helming this project. He's a dab hand with dialogue as well as rough-around-the-edges characters and I'm interested to see what he manages to do with Scott Lang. I suspect that this book will be a touch more 'mainstream' than SFOS was, but Spencer's brand of comedic writing is right up my street and I'll give this a fair look for its debut. There's plenty more on the shelves for me this week so I'll just give little excited shout outs about two of my favourite books out this week in the shape of Ian Edginton's Hinterkind #14 and Kaare Andrews ramping things up for Danny Rand in Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #10 as that series creeps ever closer to its finale.

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