3 Mar 2015

On The Pull 04/03/2015

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Kenny J: At the moment, for me at least, comics are very much in a state of renewal. By their very nature these things have beginnings, middles and ends, and it seems I am somewhere between the last and the first, demonstrated none more so than by Avengers #42 and the impending Marvel non-reboot. I know I've said it before but we are hurtling to towards Secret Wars and as the pieces fall into place I just cannot wait to see how it all ends. Hickman hasn't put one step wrong with this epic universe changing story and I think, in years to come, it will be consider a classic Avengers run. Add to this that its rendered by Stefano Caselli, a artist that is fast becoming one of my favourites, this will be top of my reading pile. Speaking of favourite artists, Terry Dodson is the main reason I'll be taking a look at Princess Leia #1 this week. Combined with Mark Waid's writing I think this may well turn out to be the sleeper hit of Marvel's initial three cracks at the Star Wars comic franchise. Elsewhere we have a Jeff Lemire double bill starting with Descender #1, which is already rumoured to be heading for the big screen. If Lemire's Trillium was anything to go by then he has a definite skill for these quieter, thought-provoking science fiction tales. Also from the prolific Canadian we have the All-New Hawkeye #1. This being the one comic that I, like most people, will be saving my most critical eye for. Lemire and artist Ramon Perez have big purple shoes to fill after the last volume of Clint Barton's adventures but I really hope they succeed. However, with God Hates Astronauts #6 rounding off my pull, this week will be sure to hit the mark whatever.

Stewart R: Comic book properties being picked up and optioned by movie studios is quite a common occurrence these days - writers such as Mark Millar almost angle their comic writing with that aim seemingly in mind. Having your book optioned before the ink has dried and a page has hit the stands is something a little different at this stage though and that could stand Descender #1 out from the crowd this Wednesday. The combination of a science-fiction chase and child-like robot protagonist from Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen could give this a blockbuster feel and I'm expecting great things from the creators and big(ish) numbers from a sales point of view. There's also a sci-fi debut coming out of Archaia/BOOM! Studios stalls in the shape of Halogen #1 which I'll be giving the once over. This has strange, alien god corpses, mass cult suicide and hologram shapeshifting at its forefront and those are ingredients that could make for a tasty read indeed. Jumping around the publishers I'll also be throwing a keen eye over Spider-Woman #5 to see what the new art style and costume bring to Dennis Hopeless' book and applauding the return of those fantasy-land, bad-ass gals in Rat Queens #9 which welcomes Stjepan Sejic to the fold as new series regular artist (he's one hell of a busy guy presently!).

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