7 Apr 2015

On The Pull 08/04/2015

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: The ebb and flow that individual publishers have in their shipping schedules might give you a little respite if you only pick up works from one of them in particular, but if you buy multiple titles across publishers… well, you can guarantee your pull-list will be ram-packed week after week! It’s certainly a quieter Wednesday than last for my Marvel picks - Ant Man #4 gets high priority for that glorious Miami Vice inspired cover from Mark Brooks - but Image have stepped into the gap with a giant fist of must haves. Jupiter’s Circle #1 has Mark Millar conjuring the ‘silver age’ of heroes for the cast of Jupiter’s Legacy, diving back to their early days of being heroes and getting to grips with their powers during the 1950s. Things happen so hard and fast in Legacy that I’m savouring the potential slower pace for the world-building and character development that this could bring and will be interested to see what twists Millar might be able to throw our way with the future picture already quite clear. Jeff Lemire's Descender #2 is a definite lock after a decent opener, while I’ll give Ales Kot’s Surface #2 a look with a decision to be made as to whether I continue on from there. Rat Queens previous chapter welcomed Stjepan Sejic into the fray, just as things were getting darker and dangerous for the titular quartet and their crazy bunch of allies and I can only imagine things getting worse and even more unmissable in #10 this week.

Copperhead #6 marks the start of the second arc for Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski’s terrific western influenced, sci-fi police drama and I’ve honestly been itching to get my hands on more material from this grubby, dusty comic book world. Elsewhere I’ll be giving new Dark Horse title, Rebels #1, a look simply because it’s Brian Wood doing a new Dark Horse book and he doesn’t seem to have put a writing foot wrong in the past 4-5 years. He’s of course known for his historical fiction work with Northlanders and with Rebels he’s going back to the War of Independence in the late 1700s, giving him another rich and interesting landscape on which to place his gritty fictional frameworks.

Tom P: Not a lot for me this week and while I like the look of Rebels #1 I'm going to hold off as I've added far to many new comics to my pull-list recently. If I really miss out I can always get the trade or catch up digitally. I enjoyed Jupiter's Legacy a lot so will be giving Jupiter's Circle #1 a try but will it still shine without Quitely's masterful touch? Saga #27 is a must buy as always; I love this book and am amazed by how many people I've met lately who read it. Its a gateway comic I tell you and I delight in pointing Saga fans towards Bryan K. Vaughan’s recently concluded digital masterpiece, Private Eye! Last up this week is Darth Vader #4. I haven't read #3 yet as I still have to collect my comics from the last fortnight but the first two were massively enjoyable!

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