14 Apr 2015

On The Pull 15/04/2015

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Andy H: Sometimes I forget how lucky I am seeing all the new releases arriving in store. Sure, it can be a little mad at times but there's always a tinge of excitement opening boxes of comics I ordered months ago and finding that real gem. Last month saw the release of Giant Days #1, a book I liked the look of in Previews and decided to take a punt on. What a result! A truly lovely comic: no superpowers, no apocalyptic futures and no dastardly crossovers! It's the story of three friends surviving their first term of university. Issue #1 oozed class and had me chuckling to myself. The humour is very British and the characters are very likeable. Writer John Allison has a fantastic way with dialogue, giving each character a distinctive voice and the art of Lissa Treiman is just so right for the book (love the scene where Susan unexpectedly sees her ex). I'm hoping for more of the same with issue #2. I like Alex de Campi. She's a writer I've followed for a while and have recently really enjoyed her Grindhouse comics from Dark Horse. Now she's been let loose on probably her deadliest title yet: Archie Vs Predator! Crikey, I thought the poor chap had a hard enough time fighting off Betty and Veronica, now he's got an alien hunter on his case! How this is going to work I don't know but it should be entertaining with Alex at the helm. Even darker, possibly, is the long awaited second issue of Sabrina from writer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa. Forget the family friendly version of the Teenage Witch you've grown comfortable with, this has much more in common with H.P. Lovecraft. Mark Millar's Chrononauts #1 was a fun read, made all the more enjoyable thanks to the art of Sean Murphy. The end of the debut issue left our time-travelling hero in a big pile of trouble. It did enough to get me coming back for #2. Finally this week, I'll go with a new title from Image: Tithe #1. With so many new books coming from Image it's getting hard to keep up but that's not a bad thing. Matt Hawkins has had a few hits coming out from the Image stable, most recently the excellent Postal, so that's enough for me to give this a try. Here we see modern day Robin Hoods, a hacker group called Samaritan, robbing mega-churches and distributing the money to more worthy causes.

Matt C: Tithe #1 is the one that whips up the most interest for me this Wednesday based purely on the creators' previous book, Think Tank, which was a brilliant, overlooked gem, one that I hope Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal return to soon. It's a fairly light week otherwise, with mostly creator-owned books making up my pull-list (Magneto #17 is my my only Marvel title, but that's beginning to feel like it's running out of steam). Outside of Tithe #1, the books I'll reach for first will be Ei8ht #3 from Dark Horse, Chrononauts #2 from Image and Letter 44 #15 from Oni Press, probably in that order. Oh, and if I had already obtained via it's initial digital release, D4ve #3 from IDW would be up there too!

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