21 Apr 2015

On The Pull 22/04/2015

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week. To see what’s available at Paradox this week, click here.

Stewart R: Wow, this week really is all about the number 3 it would seem. I'm picking up four #3s, and three #17s in something of a strange twist. So firstly, what would all of these titles that have made it past that difficult second issue be? Top of the list for me this week is Divinity #3 from Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine, straight out of the buzzing publishing house that is Valiant. They hit the mark with mini-event, The Valiant, in the past few months and this similar-sized story has now rolled some of the familiar faces from the ranks of heroes in their canon into the fold. I'm loving the idea of Cold War Russia aiming far further than the moon during the height of the Space Race and Kindt has kept an emotional heart beating at the centre of this physics-bending story. We'll see where it goes from here. Postal #3 on the other hand, will likely show a distinct and purposeful lack of emotion thanks to Bryan Hill and Matt Hawkins fine portrayal of a protagonist with Asperger syndrome, immersed in a town where every occupant has a criminal past. This has turned into a murder-mystery with a very unique feel to it and I'm looking forward to seeing what darker secrets float to the surface this time around.

Then there's the similarly grim Suiciders #3 to contend with where Lee Bermejo has carved out a dark, other-world look at a West Coast US, as the high class citizens of New Angeles struggle for aesthetic perfection, whilst those far less lucky struggle to fight for their lives in a brutal game show. The book looks great and the premise has me hooked already. Last of the #3s is Jimmie Robinson's post-apocalyptic series, The Empty, over at Image. I had almost missed the second issue and was half tempted to let it go, but something in me made the very late decision to carry on and I'm glad I did as there's a certain charm to the violent world Robinson is crafting. And that leads me to those three aforementioned #17s which I shall speed through like so... Amazing Spider-Man #17 (series could do with kicking up a gear), Black Widow #17 (enjoying Edmondson's writing, but a couple of chapters behind as present) and the slightly delayed path to my hands for Hinterkind #17 (bloody awesome series, easily in my Top 5, give it a look if you like Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones!!). And I'm spent...

Kenny J: After the first arc of Star Wars I was all ready to give the book up. Not through any lack quality or satisfaction at the story being told but just that the amount of new upcoming titles was going to leave my pull-list bursting at the seams. This past weeks events has made me reconsider as I realise just how much I love spending time with these characters. Jason Aaron's handling of the big personalities in this comic is fantastic and will be just the thing to stem my excitement until December. A lot of those upcoming new titles hit my local comic shop this week too. First up is Drones. This book follows two drone operatives as their job becomes more difficult when the war they were fighting from their office hits their home city of Las Vegas. Also coming from IDW this week: I was a big fan of the original Mark Waid penned Empire so I'm hoping Empire Rising will contain more of the political soap opera that I enjoyed so much. Think Doctor Doom does Dallas. From Image there is Kaptata #1, written by Chip Zdarsky, a comic that seems very much suited to my tastes with great art by Kagan McLeod. There are also a number of ongoing favourites that are now in their teens including Deadly Class and Lazarus. It shouldn't be forgotten just how great these two titles are. As the newer titles come and go, Remender and Rucka respectively would have to go really off the boil for me to drop these books now.

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