21 May 2015

The PCG's Top 15 Current Comics - May 2015

Once again the assembled membership of the PCG have put on their thinking caps and compiled their Top 15 Current Comics to provide a more concise look at what they're currently reading and (more importantly) enjoying...

15. The Fade Out (Image)
14. Trees (Image)
13. Batgirl (DC)
12. Star Wars (Marvel)
11. The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw (Image)
10. Copperhead (Image)
  9. Birthright (Image)
  8. C.O.W.L. (Image)
  7. Thor (Marvel)
  6. Saga (Image)
  5. Deadly Class (Image)
  4. East Of West (Image)
  3. Black Science (Image)
  2. Lazarus (Image)
  1. Southern Bastards (Image)

Matt C: It's been a while since we last did one of these (although we did have the Paradoscars since then) so it's time for another look at what the cream of the crop on the PCG's pull-list currently is. Those that frequent the site will know that we have been veering more closely towards creator-owned work in the last few years, and as Image is at the forefront of all that it shouldn't be a surprise to see them feature prominently on our list. But I don't think we were expecting the publisher to nab 80% of the slots this time around, leaving the Big Two trailing behind with only three titles between them (and only two of those are superhero books)! Arguably this may be down to Marvel and DC's summer events which are essentially sweeping existing titles aside for the duration, meaning some more popular series perhaps aren't currently being published. The counter argument is, of course, that 'creator-owned' continues to be where it's at, and the number of diverse titles in our list should be evidence of that. The top six have remained the same as last time, although there has been some shifting of positions, leading to Southern Bastards getting top spot for the first time (and deservedly so). With three books in our Top 15 (along with Marvel's solo superhero entry, Thor, and the thoroughly enjoyable Star Wars), Jason Aaron is clearly our choice for 'writer of the moment'. Will the next time we do this see a return of more Marvel and DC fare, post Convergence and Secret Wars? We'll have to wait and see, but for now creator-owned work - particularly the output of Image Comics - reigns supreme!

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