25 Aug 2015

On The Pull 26/08/2015

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Tom P: Without a doubt my most anticipated book this week is from Mike Mignola and his fine artwork in Hellboy On Hell #7. When I last heard from him, Hellboy was still stuck in Hell, striking up a cigarette and asking where he could get a drink... classic Hellboy! I'm not a fan of this new Jim Gordon Batman so I found that the last two Batgirl issues dragged a bit, so let's hope they overcome what felt like a forced editorial detour and return to form as I have loved the book and it fresh direction. If you like a flying magic bus (it's true!) then Superman #43 is out this week as Clark starts to struggle with his over-reliance - and, I think, more intriguing - addiction to his newfound solar flare super power. East Of West #20 will no doubt continue its staggering world-building, and last but not least, Old Man Logan #4 should finish stuff off nicely as we join an O.A.P Wolverine and his tour of Battleworld in search of the God known as Doom.

Kenny J: E Is For Extinction has been playing out like a weird lost Grant Morrison script that sits somewhen after Planet M and before Chuck Austen's much maligned run. Rediscovered and dusted off by Chris Burnham, before being handed off to Ramon Villalobos for those bold lines and neon colours by Ian Herring. At the end of the last issue we saw both Magneto and Xavier’s classic X-men about to face off against an army of their oldest friends. I really can’t tell how this one will play out as all the characters are slightly exaggerated versions of themselves so everything is up for grabs. Batgirl, as written by Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, has very quickly established its own identity away from the city of Gotham and the original Caped Crusader. This means the appearance of Barbara Gordon’s dad as the new Batman does not overshadow her role as Burnside’s sole vigilante. Add to this Live Wire, another of Batgirl’s own burgeoning rogues gallery as beautifully designed by Babs Tarr, and you’ve got one of my favourite books hitting the stands this week (or any other week for that matter).

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