22 Sept 2015

On The Pull 23/09/2015

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: One of my top titles of the last year was Wild's End, the Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard masterpiece. It was basically Wind In The Willows meets War Of The Worlds. Couldn't possibly work could it? Oh, but it did! A small group of characters stumbled onto an alien invasion and fought their way back to Lower Crowchurch. Now the story continues in Wilds End: The Enemy Within #1 as the army are called in to cover up the 'incident'. Our heroes will have to fight again if they are to warn the world of an impending otherworldly invasion. It's a very British book and Abnett's dialogue really captures the feel of the cast. Culbard has a refreshing art style that suits the story and I can't wait to climb on board again to continue the adventure. Another winner from BOOM! Studios. Time now to don the purple spandex for some nostalgia as the Phantom continues his search for a lost city in Phantom #4 from Hermes Press. Peter David and Sal Velluto have combined to bring us a tale of the classic 'Ghost Who Walks' and despite the gaps between issues this has been a mighty fun, retro read. New from Dark Horse is Power Cubed, a four-part mini series from Aaron Lopresti. Eighteen year old Kenny Logan can create anything he can think of thanks to his matter-reinterpreting device (yeah, we've all wanted one of these). Not sure how he has the device but I guess that will be explained as the story unfolds. Obviously other factions will want what he has and in this case it's a bumbling Nazi scientist and a government agent. Could be fun so I'll give it a go. Nameless #5 is definitely not going to be fun. The run has been disturbing to say the least with Grant Morrison's story graphically brought to life by artist Chris Burnham. Hellboy In Hell returns with issue #8 and it's always good to see Mike Mignola return to art duties on Big Red. I think this week's list will finish with a bit of Old West fun in the pages of Marvel's 1872 #3 and a bit of staking in Buffy The Vampire Slayer #19.

Tom P: This week it turns out I'm a one comic man, and that comic is Hellboy In Hell #8, but that's okay with me. I love that pancake-eating, cigar-smoking paranormal detective. It's always odd when you have a quiet week but to be honest my pull-list has become highly selective and diminished. I embraced the New 52 but it only resulted in DC becoming increasingly hard for me to get on with. Adding to that, as much as I dig the event, Marvel's Secret Wars has seen many of the titles I loved just stop, and try as I might, I can't get excited by all the spin-off comics. Hopefully, post event, I can find a few titles to get into again. I'm expecting big things from Miss Thor as an example. I just don't have that collector mentality I once had... except when it comes to Image. I'm incredibly loyal to many Image comics and I would kick myself if I missed a Deadly Class or a Saga issue in my long box. As I get older I find I get my superhero thrills more from the big screen and the writers and artists who made properties such as Captain America and Batman so vital to me once have moved on and I with them. Not that it would take much to win me back. Just the right team and a good story. That's all we look for each week really, isn't it?

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