3 Nov 2015

On The Pull 04/11/2015

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: After a fair number of weeks where my pull-list has been relatively quiet, things suddenly ramp up quite substantially this Wednesday, and Marvel are going full throttle, releasing no less than eight #1 issues! To my surprise, I appear to be picking up three of them (I haven't substantially engaged in 'All-New, All-Different Marvel' up to this point), and although I'm not hugely confident I'll stick with all three, they each have reasons for making their way into my weekly stack of comics. Extraordinary X-Men #1 because it's written by Jeff Lemire, and although his creator-owned work is arguably where it's really at for him, he's really impressed me with his introductory arc on All-New Hawkeye, so I'm keen to see what he can do with the X-Men. Hercules #1 gets on there because I've always had a soft spot for this character and Dab Abnett's a reliable enough scribe who will hopefully bring something new to the table. Then there's the most interesting of the bunch, The Vision #1, which sees the synthezoid Avenger decide to find out if he's got what it takes to lead the family life, creating a wife and two kids and moving to the suburbs. It's off-the-wall enough that it just might work! Outside of the House Of Ideas, the big title that will garner a lot of attention this week is James Bond #1, written by PCG favourite, Warren Ellis, and nicely timed to coincide with SPECTRE breaking records at the box office. I'm guessing Ellis will try and emulate Fleming's version of the character rather than the movie incarnation, but I'm sure he'll stick his own unique stamp on 007 too.

Stewart R: Top of my list is Extraordinary X-Men #1 from Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos as this is a creative combination that, on paper, looks like it might produce a premium X-Men reading experience. I've slowly drifted away from the Mutants (as it would perhaps seem Marvel have a little) since Bendis jumped behind the wheel and introduced that bonkers time-travel nonsense with the original team, and while I know that even Secret Wars is not going to undo that particular brand of canon damage, Lemire is a writer who will bring interesting and emotive plot ideas to his team. Secret Wars, as it happens, appears to have been something of a stepping off point for me with Marvel as my primary source of comics as I'm only getting Doctor Strange #2 and Amazing Spider-Man #3 even with a host of other new titles bounding out of the publisher's doors. This has left Image as the big supplier of my illustrated reading material and they get a new book in my hands tomorrow with Monstress #1. With a name like that you'd expect there to be ghastly behemoths involved and you'd be right as Majorie Liu and Sana Takeda dive into a world where some humans share psychic links with towering Kaiju in a slightly steampunk-tinged tale. The book is a monstrous 66 pages of story, no ads, for $4.99 and that's a bargain that surely can't be missed! Last nod of the week goes to a book I previewed in Ten Forward a little while back with Rob Williams' Unfollow #1 from Vertigo. Murder mystery and a touch of social commentary is what I'm expecting from this book and I'm eager to find out if my expectations with be met.

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