19 Nov 2015

The Paradoscars 2015 - The Final Categories!

And so we reach the final seven categories that require your votes before the Paradoscars 2015 are announced at some point next month. (There is an additional category - The PCG's Hero Honorary Award For Hero(ine) Of The Year - but that's one we decide internally and is not up for a public vote.)

These categories focus on characters, adaptations, websites, disappointments as well as looking forward into 2016. If you haven't voted in the initial fourteen categories, you may do so here and here. And we really encourage you to do so - there's going to be some close races in some categories based on the tally of votes so far, while others see certain nominees running ahead of the pack. But all of that can, of course, change, and that's where you come in.

Voting will run until the end of the month but we encourage you to cast your votes at the earliest opportunity!

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