12 Jan 2016

On The Pull 13/01/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: It may have taken longer than expected to finish but I can't say I'm disappointed in how Secret Wars has turned out so far. There have been gripes about the fact that Marvel 'relaunched' their line post-Secret Wars prior to its conclusion but for me it's been about focusing on writer Jonathan Hickman's startling achievement during his tenure at the House of Ideas, and the crafting of his magnum opus across a number of titles over the last few years. So yeah, you could say I'm excited to see the events in Secret Wars #9 play out. Marvel also have Mighty Thor #3 and All-New Hawkeye #3 to keep me distracted but most of my pull-list this week is made up of Image titles (quelle surprise!) with Birthright #13, Descender #9, Injection #6 and The Violent #2 making it home. And then there's DC, starting to make inroads on my pull again after a long period of absence, with Superman: American Alien. Writer Max Landis may have been responsible for some Star Wars-related nonsense in the last couple of weeks (Google it - I'm not repeating it here!) but there's no getting around the fact that the second issue of this series was an absolute winner. You never know, perhaps an ongoing DC title will appear on my list at some point during 2016!

Stewart R: Truth be told I find myself in a slightly pessimistic mood when it comes to my pull-list this Wednesday. There are a few titles appearing on there who might be on their last legs either with me, or as a series. Sadly John Flood by Justin Jordan is coming to an end with #6 and that's something of a shame as the characters that Jordan has brought to the page have been an interesting bunch. The premise of a man who doesn't sleep and as such views the world in a very unique way, spotting patterns that others do not, is a great hook and I'm just hopeful that this finale may prove to be more of a 'that's all for now' type affair. On the shakier ground of continuing series failing to keep me chomping at the bit to read them are Rebels by Brian Wood and Black Knight by Frank Tieri. I found the initial arc of Wood's War of Independence series to be engaging enough, but the recent slew of on- shot stories have not felt weighty enough to keep me coming back so I may be jumping off after this week. Tieri's book over at Marvel has the problem of dragging the Avengers into the fold a little too eagerly for me, with Dane's addiction and reliance on his sword whilst being leader of a Weirdworld realm being a keen enough idea in my mind to not need the bolstered cast of familiar faces. I'll similarly give it one more go this week, but that might be me done with that slice of Weirdworld storytelling. The big two titles for me this week would be Extraordinary X-Men #5 by Jeff Lemire, who for me is nailing that mutant vibe with Humberto Ramos, and the second issue of The Troop which had a fine debut last month!

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