26 Jan 2016

On The Pull 27/01/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Looks like January is finishing on a high as the last week of the month gives us a pile of good reading. There seems to be something on offer from all the publishers with Image leading the way. Black Magick, Chew, East Of West, Monstress and Saga are just the tip of the pull-list iceberg. First on my pull is the excellent Southern Bastards #13. Jason Aaron and Jason Latour have kept the quality of this title at the highest level from issue #1. I never quite know where the story will go but with every issue I feel I've had another piece of a puzzle given to me even though I've no idea what the finished picture will be. Issue #13 features more of Coach Boss and the Running Rebs as they play the most important game in Craw County history and I'm guessing we'll see more action off the field rather than on. Sadly, I've let my reading slip behind recently but I'm looking forward to catching up with Black Magick, Deadly Class and will more than likely want to try out the new title from Simon Spurrier and Ryan Kelly, Cry Havoc #1. Over at Dark Horse I quite fancy checking out the Hellboy Winter Special. It includes three short tales from quality writers but I'll be honest and say it's the art of Tim Sale that has really grabbed my attention. Also this Wednesday is the final part of Twilight Children from Vertigo as Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke wrap up this gem of a miniseres. Vertigo really seemed to recover some lost ground last year and this series has been just one of the reasons why. The 'All New, All Different' Marvel continues apace as Wolverine returns to his own ongoing series. Of course our Wolvie is (still) dead so time for Old Man Logan to step up and stake a place in the MU. OML artist Andrea Sorrentino is joined by writer Jeff Lemire. Now, in the present, Logan may have a chance to alter his past to change the future. Ouch, too much talk like this is going to give me a headache!

Matt C: Image take the largest chunk of my pull-list this week with a whopping eight titles to be taken home, including the latest instalments of Black Magick, Southern Bastards, Deadly Class and Saga. That seems enough for any man to leaf through in one week but no, there's more! There's the finale of Twilight Children, another instalment of Kanan to consider, and I may give Old Man Logan #1 a whirl just for the hell of it (Extraordinary X-Men didn't cut it for me but Jeff Lemire's work on Hawkeye is fab). I've not picked up anything from AfterShock Comics yet so I may give Strayer #1 a look. The preview art suggests a colourful, fun trip into a monster-slaying world, and Justin Jordan is a reliable name to see in the credits, so I'm going to take a punt and see what's what.

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