16 Feb 2016

On The Pull 17/02/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: Without any new titles springing out of this week's selection and catching my eye it's down to several ongoing series to keep me occupied. Of those, it's Mighty Thor #4 I'm most excited about. I had foolishly skipped the previous volume of the series, which dealt with Jane Foster's initial foray as the Goddess of Thunder, after feeling that the volume before that had started to run out of steam. I now realise that was a huge mistake as the Jason Aaron/Russell Dauterman combo have been crafting one of Marvel's most enticing, exciting books (and issue #4 has a great cover too!). Also from the pen of Aaron this Wednesday is Star Wars #16. Now I admit that I've wondered if the quality of this series has dipped after a sterling opening (the Vader Down crossover didn't help matters) but I've learnt my lesson and am now more than happy to put my trust in Aaron for the long term. Away from Marvel, I'm happy to see new instalments of Birthright, Huck and Symmetry but the delayed Sex Criminals #14 has it's work cut out to stay on my pull-list as the last few issues have given the impression that the concept is starting to show its limitations, or at least that Matt Fraction isn't really to invested in moving the narrative forward.

Kenny J: It's a quiet week for my pull-list but rather than allow my wallet to take a breather I'm going to take the chance to experiment with a new title as well as revisiting one I may have let slip. First up though is Devolution #2. Although the initial issue didn’t necessarily hit the heights of some other Remender debuts, I stilled enjoyed the book's protagonist and some rather grim moments; it would be remiss of me to not see where Remender takes this story. Snowfall #1 from Image also gets a look in this week. Any solicitation that contains the words ‘mad scientist manipulations’ is going to get added to my pull. Combine that with actual hard science fiction and you’ve got me sold, especially when it has the Image logo and the number '1' printed on the cover. A recent promotion by Marvel made me realise how much I'm missing Dan Slott's take on Spider-Man and how Amazing Spider-Man is one of the best looking and we'll written books on the shelves. So I'll also be taking a punt on Amazing Spider-Man #8 this week. I hope I'll still be writing about these books in weeks to come.

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