4 Feb 2016

The Road To True Believers Comic Festival 2016

Matt C: Around a decade ago, when the Bristol Comic Expo was the main destination for British fanboys and girls to make their pilgrimage on a yearly basis, you could guarantee there would be a strong attendance by the PCG (or whatever we called ourselves in those days) as it was our rare opportunity to indulge in our passion with a bunch of fans, creative types and those in between (some of whom have since gone on to secure regular work with the Big Two). But the Bristol Expo saw a change of leadership before it gradually imploded, not able to keep up with the growing number of other comic conventions springing up across the country. Obviously time and money mean the PCG are only able to make a handful of excursions per year – London Super Comic Con, Thought Bubble, our beloved Melksham Comic Con – and often it’s a case of who can make it when, so perhaps gone are the days of seeing us out in force at one of these events. But that’s okay, we’re getting older and life can often get in the way of such plans, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still keen to get out there whenever we can and see what’s happening. Which leads us to the True Believers Comic Festival.

It helps that it has some associations with the Melksham Con, and by extension has several familiar faces (Sonia Leong, the Big Punch Studios crew for a start), it helps that my mother lives nearby (and can provide B&B for free!) but most of all it helps that we remain eager to find new venues and locales to engage with others via our beloved medium of comics. Oh, and it also helps that we’ve been asked to host our Comics In Just A Minute gameshow there.

Yes, after a successful two-year stint at the Melksham Con, Comics In Just a Minute will have its third outing at True Believers, where the contestants will be two-time champion Sonia Leong, Mike Collins, Paul Cornell, Faye Simms and Steve Thompson. It’s bound to be fun watching us attempt to hold our own against the assembled creative types so if you’re in the vicinity, please pop in! And of course, our presence is merely a tiny part of what is – looking at what’s on offer – bound to be a glorious day of comics!

James R: There's always something special about time away at any convention - a change is as good as a rest, and all that - but I'm really excited about our trip to the True Believers con this weekend. Firstly, I still can't quite believe that our tried and tested combination of a comedy horn and declaring "Giant-Sized Man-Thing!" at least once per game of Comics In Just A Minute has become successful enough to warrant an appearance at another convention away from our spiritual home at Melksham. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity though, and it would be brilliant to see any of our readers, even if it's only to heckle me as I desperately try and hold it all together! (Matt C will be iceberg cool throughout - guaranteed!)

Secondly, I'm excited to see what True Believers is like - it's always great hanging out with people with the same geeky passion as me, and I hope that we get to see some familiar faces and make some new friends within the community. Even though we're all online 24/7 these days, there's something undoubtedly brilliant about getting to meet people face-to-face... and perhaps take on a few 'refreshing' drinks in the process!

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