8 Mar 2016

On The Pull 09/02/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: Time for another comic inspired by a Disney attraction: Haunted Mansion, a five-issue mini series written by Joshua Williamson. It seems to cover all the bases with a creepy mansion, haunting music and of course, ghosts! Williamson is currently writing two of my favourite titles, Birthright and Nailbiter, so I'm keen to give this one a go. He has dabbled with ghost stories in the past with Ghosted - that was a good read and had quite a dark tone to it, although I'm sure Haunted Mansion won't be that dark but hopefully creepy enough to deliver some shivers. Art is by Jorge Coehlo and from what I've seen, it looks a little like Walt Simonson crossed with Sean Murphy. All adds up to a tasty looking series. Also new from Marvel is Mockingbird, an ongoing series featuring popular S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Bobbi Morse. Not sure how much of the TV series version they will use over the existing comic book version but between the two there should be enough for a strong character. Strong enough to support an ongoing title? Time will tell, so it's up to novelist Chelsea Cain and artist Kate Niemczyk to meet the challenge. More than meeting the challenge at the moment is Mighty Thor. I've loved every issue so far, combining a very human story with the fantastical goings on in Asgard. Odin and the new Thor don't see eye to eye and issue #5 promises a battle royale! Coming straight down to Earth again brings me to the latest title from Roger Langridge. Possibly best known for his work on Muppet comics, Baker Street Peculiars showcases his writing talents as the art is provided by Andy Hirsch. Strange things are afoot in 1930s London and only Sherlock Holmes can save the day. Except Sherlock Holmes does not exist. He has been created by housekeeper Mrs Hudson, who is the real detective. Holmes is just the name she uses to chronicle her adventures but she does have help, a rag tag group of kids, the Baker Street Peculiars! This looks like a great deal of fun with lovely art and dialogue that makes you chuckle. You'd be a right plum to miss it! Finally, as I did miss this, it's the first volume of Tokyo Ghost, the title my PCG buddieshave been bigging up. With a price tag of just £7.50 this collects the first five issues of Rick Remender and Sean Murphy's futuristic tale and is perfect for people like me that missed out on the monthly issues.

Kenny J: Another light week allows for a new title and even a trade as the only mainstay is Doctor Strange #6. I can't say enough how much I'm enjoying this book. After so many quality series to his name, Jason Aaron has fast become one of my favourite writers and Chris Bachalo has always been one of those artists that instantly finds a place on my pull. I don't generally go for mystical stories when it comes to comics but Doctor Strange has just the right measures of fantastic cast, story, art and demons to keep me coming back. I'll also definitely be taking a look at Amazing Spider-Man #9. Reading a Spidey book again made me realise how much I had missed the Parker version. Dan Slott's take on the character has always been sublime, deftly handling the action while never losing focus of Peter’s tangled relationships. This week we'll also be getting Mockingbird #1 from Marvel and New York Times bestselling novelist Chelsea Cain. From her resume of crime fiction she looks to have the skills to take on the top secret world of being a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Having missed out on Tokyo Ghost from another of my favourite artist/writer teams, Rick Remender and Sean Murphy, I'll be taking a look at the first collection of what I have been told is a great science fiction comic.

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