22 Mar 2016

On The Pull 23/03/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Kenny J: Well, hasn’t time flown? It really seems like only yesterday that the hype around and bluster around DC’s New 52 and now we’re here: Batman #50. The one title that has remained over those years as others have been dropped or were just flashes in the pan. Much like its eponymous hero, it has been something I could rely on as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo has taken us through a story that, like Grant Morrison’s run before it, has drawn of the Bat’s past as much as it has set out his future. I’m looking forward to what Tom King will bring come 'Rebirth', but issue #50 will hopefully be a fitting send off for one of comics most consistent creative teams. It may be a much shorter run but Delete #1 from Devil's Due has piqued my interest, if only for that Amanda Conner cover. I always enjoy a Jimmy Palmiotti script as well so I will be taking a look come Wednesday. Although its solicitation has that common combination of innocence in danger, a loner protagonist and a science fiction tinge, if done correctly, it’s a trope that never gets old.

Andy H: My pull-list is looking a bit odd this week. It's dominated by miniseries. Is this a sign of the times? Have the constant restarts, reboots etc affected my reading habits? A discussion for another time I think. First up, The Shadow Glass #1 from Dark Horse. This six-issue miniseries is by writer and artist Aly Fell. Set in the 16th century, Rose, a student of the occult, discovers the man she believes is her father isn't, and her real father is in league with the devil! That would put a crimp in anyone's day! The art caught my attention straight away and hopefully the story will match it. Dark Horse have been overshadowed by Image recently but don't dismiss them. They still publish some knockout titles and this looks like another corker. From the past to the future: Circuit Breaker #1 from Image. After World War IV, the robots that saved Japan are outlawed and turn on their creators. Kyle Baker is the artist on the series. I kind of blow hot and cold with his art style and this one looks hot to me so I will be checking it out. Staying in the future but moving over to Devils Due, we join the creative team without borders. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray seem to have titles being published by every publisher (possibly a slight exaggeration). For Delete #1 they are joined by their Harley Quinn cohorts, John Timms on art and Amanda Conner on covers. In this future, technology can be used to remove or implant memories. After witnessing a murder, handyman Spencer must protect young Kalina from the killers and the police. After discovering Greg Hinkle's art in Airboy, I'm going to try Rattler, a graphic novel from him and writer Jason McNamara. Ten years after the disappearance of his fiancée, Stephen Thorne begins to hear her voice and fights to discover what happened to her. The fourth Doctor Who gets his own miniseries and while I'm not the biggest Who fan, a Tom Baker and Sarah Jane adventure tickles my nostalgia bone. Finally, the 'long-awaited' Evil Dead 2: Revenge Of Hitler one-shot. Okay, maybe not everyone's tastes, but I can't be the only one wanting to see Ash take on the undead Fuhrer. I'm sure it will be done in the best possible taste!?

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