2 Apr 2016


Matt C: This time last year, in the run up to the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, we decided to hold an 'Avengers Month' at the PCG where we published a series of articles related to Earth's Mightiest Heroes to coincide with the movie's arrival in cinemas. During April 2016, we're going to zero in our focus on one particular member of that team to tie-in not only to another cinematic release we're all incredibly excited about but also the 75th anniversary of the character's first appearance in a comic book. Captain America, the stoic cornerstone of the Marvel Universe, headlines his third feature film with Captain America: Civil War in less than a months time (for the UK, at least - sorry US readers, you have to wait a week longer for some inexpiable reason!) as well as celebrating 75 years since he first punched out Hitler on the cover of Captain America Comics #1 in 1941. 

Often dismissed as a one-dimensional, flag-waving boy scout by some, he is a far more complex and interesting character than his lazy critics would have you believe, a man out of time who holds fast to his firm, altruistic beliefs and repeatedly refuses to be anyone's political pawn. There's a reason he's lasted out for over seven decades in popular culture and with a our selection of articles we hope to provide some insight into why he remains such a draw for not only us, but for fandom and beyond. 

Stay tuned...

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