12 Apr 2016

On The Pull 13/04/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: Is there anyone out there still saying Marvel don't have anything to offer the discerning superhero fan post Secret Wars? I know there was a worry before that the 'soft reboot' (or whatever we're calling it) wouldn't result in much worth talking about, but surely the likes of The Vision, Mighty Thor, Doctor Strange, Old Man Logan and Black Widow have convinced us this is most definitely not the case. It's to the writer of Old Man Logan that I'm going to first of all this week for what I think/hope will be the next book to add to the aforementioned list: Moon Knight. The previous volume of the series had some terrific arcs from Warren Ellis and Brian Wood and now it's Jeff Lemire's turn to liven up the world of Marc Spector. The scribe behind Sweet Tooth and Descender has elected to throw Spector into an insane asylum, calling into question whether his life as a supernatural superhero was ever real. I know it's always a gamble picking up a new title (or a relaunched title even) but I've got a good feeling about this one so my advice is to get on it now before realising a few months down the line that you made a mistake not picking it up. The other new book to be aware of is Black Road #1 which sees Brian Wood, alongside his The Massive collaborator Garry Brown, return to the Viking genre for the first time since Northlanders. Again, there's no guarantee it'll be great, but take various factors into consideration (Wood's past form, it's a new Image book, for starters) then the odds of it being a quality book are very good indeed.

Tom P: I tell you what comic I'm reading first this week and that's Deadly Class #20, mostly as that's the only comic I'm getting this week! Marcus is on the run as he tries to escape a school full of assassins who need him and his friends dead to graduate further but it seems he can't even trust those friends. Remender hasn't put a foot wrong so far and it's the best comic on the stands as far as I'm concerned, so if your only going to get one book as well this week, that's my suggestion! No, I'm not even tempted by the Star Wars Special staring C-3PO!

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