19 Apr 2016

On The Pull 20/04/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: A little bit of everything this week. First, to quench my inner fanboy, is Harley's Little Black Book #3. This issue guest stars DC's mistress of magic, Zatanna, with the duo attempting rid a Coney Island mansion of ghosts. Now, as much as I love HQ, she's not the reason my fanboy radar is pinging. The artist for this issue is Joseph Michael Linsner, a long time fave of mine. While best known for his own comic creation, Dawn, I love to see his take on established characters and Harley and Zatanna are ripe for a JML makeover. Moving on to a completely different style and tone of book is Dept H #1, from writer/artist Matt Kindt. While I don't read as much of Kindt's output as some of my fellow PCGers, I do like to check it out and I've never been disappointed. Billed as an 'undersea sci-fi mystery', this has all the trappings of a read that you can totally immerse yourself in (see what I did there). Focused on an investigation of a suspected sabotage in the depths of the ocean, I think we can be assured we'll get a story with plenty of twists and turns that you don't see coming. Another new title from AfterShock Comics this week, Black-Eyed Kids #1 from Joe Pruett and Szymon Kudranski. If you've ever read (or watched the original version of the film) The Midwich Cuckoos, you know there isn't a lot of things freakier than kids with spooky eyes *shudder*. Still on a spooky vibe, but not quite so scary, is Marvel's Haunted Mansion #2. Issue #1 was good enough to bring me back to explore more of the building and other ghosts. James Bond #6 completes the first arc of the Warren Ellis series. It may not have lived up to everyone's expectations but still a decent read and I'm looking forward to seeing how it wraps up. Finally, staying with Ellis, its Karnak #3. A bit behind schedule but the only Inhuman title I'm reading, despite Marvel's best efforts to populate their Universe with a busload of them. Karnak has enough going on to keep me coming back.

Matt C: It's all about the Criminal 10th Anniversary Special for me this Wednesday. Last year's one-shot was a treat, and again there's a magazine-sized retro version available, this time gloriously titled 'Deadly Hands of Criminal'. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are arguably the premier partnership in comics over the last decade so this is an absolutely essential purchase, especially for fans Criminal. Another book I'm glad to see back is supernatural Western The Sixth Gun. It's been off the shelves for a while but now issue #48 arrives, the antepenultimate chapter in a series I've enjoyed very much since the start. Of note for followers of 'The Greates Series Currently Being Published'(!), Lazarus, is Lazarus Sourcebook #1. I'm not entirely sure what this contains but I can't imagine anyone addicted to this monumental series would want to miss out on this stop-gap until it resumes in a couple of months. Those are the highlights, and making up the rest of my pull for a pretty busy week are Superman: American Alien #6, East Of West #25, Tokyo Ghost #6, All-New Hawkeye #6, Karnack #3, Mighty Thor #6 and Obi-Wan And Anakin #4.

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