26 Apr 2016

On The Pull 27/04/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Stewart R: While it's something of a crazy week for brand new titles hitting the shelves, my initial focus is on the end of a superb miniseries in Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara's Four Eyes: Hearts Of Fire #4. This really hasn't been what I expected as Kelly has taken a very measured approach to Enrico's training of his runt dragon, instead giving us a slow burning family drama as the influence of the flawed adults around the young boy becomes all too apparent. This has been a book about harsh lessons, harsh times and the odd glimpse of hope and decency amongst the beatings and dragon fights. How it'll draw to a close here is anyone's guess, but I must recommend both volumes of this book to you all (once this arc is collected). And so onto the new titles! I'm going to give IDW's Micronauts #1 a crack as they've done a fair job with other '80s properties, it's written by Cullen Bunn and the art from David Baldeon looks eye-strokingly good. The Fourth Planet #1 created by Fred Kennedy and Mikko Maciaszek, released by Chapterhouse Comics, looks interesting as a refugee ship full of humans lands on an alien world being contested by three different native races. The art on this one reminds me of Dustin Nguyen's work on Descender and that's certainly no bad thing! Then comes 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #1 where the titular band of eleven year-olds will have to undertake a bank heist if one of them wants to keep her father out of trouble. I've read blurb stating this will be akin to Wes Anderson meeting Resevoir Dogs and that's hooked me deep enough to check out the first chapter at the very least. Final shout out from my pull-list this week has to go to Lee Bermejo and Alessandro Vitti's Suiciders: Kings of Hel.L.A. #2 which will follow up from a rage filled opener that solidified my opinion that this comic book world is an essential one for you to explore in 2016!

Matt C: So what's this Doctor Strange: Last Days Of Magic #1 all about then? It's clearly spinning out of the current Doctor Strange series, but is it another one of those cash-in titles that are designed to fleece readers and ultimately prove inconsequential to the overall narrative? Can someone shed any light on this? Or should I take the forthcoming release of Deadpool: Last Days Of Magic #1 (and perhaps others I'm not aware of) as an indication to stick with the main series only (which of course I will)? I guess I need to figure out whether I need this issue or not pretty swiftly (I'm leaning towards "No, I don't!" though). Books I will be getting this week without having to struggle with the pros and cons include Low #18, Sex 27 and Outcast #18. So Image are reigning supreme on my pull once again, as they often do. Now, has anyone got a coin I can flip?

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