21 Apr 2016

The PCG's Top 15 Current Comics - April 2016

Once more the assembled membership of the PCG have put on their thinking caps and compiled their Top 15 Current Comics to provide a more concise look at what they're currently reading and (more importantly) enjoying...

15. Black Magick (Image)
14. Batgirl (DC)
13. Unfollow (DC/Vertigo)
12. The Vision (Marvel)
11. Sheriff Of Babylon (DC/Vertigo)
10. Southern Bastards (Image)
  9. Low (Image)
  8. Providence (Avatar)
  7. Mighty Thor (Marvel)
  6. Injection (Image)
  5. Saga (Image)
  4. Black Science (Image)
  3. Doctor Strange (Marvel)
  2. Lazarus (Image)
  1. Deadly Class (Image)

Matt C: It's been nearly a year since we we last compiled one of these charts, which may make you think we'd given up on this sort of activity, but as some of you probably know, the enjoyment of either reading or putting together 'Best Of' lists never disappears. So what's changed since last May? Well, Image are still dominant, taking more than half the places on the chart, but not quite as dominant as they were, with perhaps, most notably, a couple of Vertigo titles making an appearance. Does this mean the once untouchable imprint have a chance of reclaiming the creator-owned crown? Probably not, what with the volume of often exceptional titles Image are putting onto the stands, but it's good to see them in the running again. Marvel superhero books have made more of an impression this time - especially Doctor Strange - proving perhaps that the House of Ideas are building momentum again with some fine work outside of their A-list titles (and I'm personally glad to see The Vision sneak in there!). But it's Rick Remender who reclaims the crown for the best title the PCG are currently reading: Deadly Class. It's been lingering in the Top 5 for a long while but it finally makes a break for the summit, making it three entries in our chart for Remender (alongside Low and previous No.1 Black Science) meaning, alongside Jason Aaron (see Doctor Strange, Mighty Thor and Southern Bastards), he's one of the PCG's two favourite writers of the moment (with Greg Rucka and Tom King coming in joint second place with two books each). DC proper only gets a single entry, which is Batgirl once again, but it'll be interesting to see if the forthcoming 'Rebirth' shakes things up in that department when we do this again (and I promise we won't leave it so long this time!). Until then...

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