31 May 2016

On The Pull 01/06/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Matt C: And here we go. After a good long period of abstinence I'm now ready to return to the DC Universe with the hope that things have improved following the apologetic DC Universe Rebirth #1. First up is a no-brainer. Tom King has been the name to watch in 2016, from the excellent post-invasion Iraq Vertigo miniseries, Sheriff Of Babylon, to the phenomenal and unexpected brilliance of Marvel's The Vision. I'd take a look at anything he does now based on the aforementioned two series, but the fact that he's taking on the Dark Knight himself sweetens the deal. Batman Rebirth #1 kicks off his tenure with a tale co-written by longterm Bat-writer Scott Snyder, and I'm excited to see what it has to offer. I'm ignoring all of Marvel's Civil War II output but fortunately the House of Ideas have two books that are more than worthy of my time and money - and also happen to be penned by the same chap, Jeff Lemire - in the form of Old Man Logan #7 and Moon Knight #3. Image have a new issue of The Goddamned to fulfil our profane Old Testamnet needs, alongside the enormously-popular-with-The-PGC Deadly Class, while Avatar have the latest instalment of Alan Moore's Providence, which is becoming more unnerving the closer it reaches its conclusion. All in all, a very promising week of comics!

Kenny J: Here we are again. It's the season of the huge crossover event and the last time I read one of these from DC it was Flashpoint, the story that lead us into the much-maligned New 52. By the conclusion of that debacle I was only reading Batman and Batgirl so nothing much has changed when I say I'll be picking up Batman Rebirth #1, co-written by outgoing steward Scott Snyder and incoming Tom King. Both have proven track records, Snyder on many a Bat book and Tom King is doing wonders elsewhere with The Vision and Sheriff Of Babylon. In a bid to not get burnt by the impending slew of debut issues being released over the coming months I will be sticking to the characters I love and the creators I trust, which means Superman Rebirth #1 also gets a look in this week as it is being written by Peter J Tomasi. I think Tomasi has the skill to handle the action of Supes while delivering the emotional punch of Clark Kent and Lois Lane raising a son. Across the way it is are couple of fun-filled vigilante books that will be being picked from Marvel in the form of Punisher and Moon Knight. With the initial issue of Punisher, Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon have set up a world we are both familiar with, at least when it comes to Frank Castle, while introducing a little intrigue. Enough for me to come back for a second helping. Rounding off the week we have two of my favourite books: the stellar Deadly Class #21 and Amazing Forest #6 (which is unfortunately the last issue of that one for a while).

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