17 May 2016

On The Pull 18/05/2016

New comics are due to hit the shelves on Wednesday so here’s a look ahead at some of the books we’ll be picking up this week.

Andy H: This week we see the latest Marvel event kick off but that's not top of my pull, oh no. It's the return of Manifest Destiny after its break. Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts have kept me enthralled issue after issue with the tales of Lewis and Clark as they explore an alternate version of frontier America. We've had Minotaurs, giant frogs, and insects that use human bodies as hosts for their eggs, ugh! Now, with issue #19, Sasquatch is introduced and I can't wait to see this interpretation of this classic cryptid. So, back over at Marvel, Civil War II #0 hits the shelves. Reaction to this, another event, has been mixed but on the positive side we get to enjoy the exquisite artwork of Olivier Coipel - nice! Of course, after the, erm, mess that was Secret Wars, Marvel really need this story to work and be published in a timely fashion. Marvel, we are watching! There never seems to be enough hours in the day any more and that has put a real dent in my reading of books (yep, the ones without pictures) so I've never gotten around to reading any by William Gibson. It's fortuitous then that he's coming to comics - yay! A real bonus to being able to read this new series, Archangel, is that the art is by Butch Guice whose work is fantastic. In Archangel #1 the Earth is a radioactive mess and politicians will use The Splitter, a machine capable of splitting time-lines, to leave the mess they created behind. This is a four-issue miniseries I'm really looking forward to. Finally, Mae #1 from Dark Horse could well be a little gem. Gene Ha, yet another great artist to mention this week, is the creative talent behind this as he tackles the writing duties as well as the art. Mae's sister went missing years ago and now she's back with tales of a fantasy world and the battles she fought there, which are all too fantastic for Mae to believe. But something or some things, have followed her back to our world and maybe Mae should start believing her sister. I kind of get vibes of Birthright here but only because of siblings in alternate worlds which I'm sure is the only similarity. Anyway, to be honest, if it's half as good as that title I will be very happy.

Kenny J: Marvel will be taking up all of my comic book purchases in what is a relatively light week. This means I’ll use the opportunity to take the plunge into this summer's event book, Civil War II. I enjoyed the initial 'civil war' between Captain America and Tony Stark but that was a decade ago now and the Marvel Universe has changed greatly since then, so it's up to another Captain in the shape of Carol Danvers to take on Iron Man. The Free Comic Book Day introduction passed me by so once again I'm looking forward to seeing if I'm Team Stark or Team Cap. The second Civil War isn’t the only crossover waging at the moment as the 'Last Days Of Magic' is playing out on in the Marvel Universe. With Doctor Strange spearheading this story I was happy to just read just that, but then Deadpool: Last Days Of Magic crossed my radar. I find myself intrigued how the Merc With The Mouth takes on the decimation of Marvel's mystic quarter. Probably with a lot of jokes. As well as his Civil War II I'll be picking up another Brian Michael Bendis book in the form of International Iron Man #3. I haven't been reading the main Iron Man book but the first two issues of this have been a great aside, dealing with Tony’s university years. Last of all I'll be buying Karnak #4. It's a bit rambling but if you like Warren Ellis’ mix of technology as mysticism then I highly recommend it.

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